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WTF Facebook Adverts

Ahhh, Facebook. You’ll casually be scrolling down; You BFF’s kids, funny cat videos and the occasional rude gif. Then BAM! an advert for a bizarre gadget from china pops up. “wtf is this?!” you ask yourself. So you download the Wish app, just to find out what exactly it is that you’re looking at. Recently my stupid Facebook adverts have been crazy. I can only hazard a guess as to what this Chinese crap is. *

WTF Tongue

It’s a rubber fucking tongue, honestly I have no idea what anyone would want this for. Maybe sticking it in grandma’s Pavlova on Xmas day. That is NOT a euphemism.

Rubber Baby

How big is it? Why are it’s ears so strange? I know a few people who have Reborn dolls, and the skill that goes into making those dolls is incredible. But this… this is just weird.

Pretty Fly For A White Dog

I’ve seen these for horses, to keep flies from their eyes. They look hilarious. But they look even funnier on a dog. I don’t know if it’s a fly mask, a muzzle or some kind of Halloween costume for pooches. Any idea?

Pretty Fly For A Cat Too

Don’t let your cat feel left out when she sees your dog in his new mask… you can get one for your cat too! I am assuming this is for calming down your cat when on trips to the vets (cat’s like the dark, right?) and what’s more calming than strapping that thing to Mr Tiddles’ head? Also, why is the cat on a BBQ grill? OH DEAR GOD>>>>>

Congratulations! It’s a USB!

Did your laptop share cookies? Are you concerned that it may have caught a virus? Maybe it’s pregnant!? Now you can turn your USB into a pregnancy test for your computer. Or maybe not.

Does Your Dealer Use Wish?

I’m no expert but £4 for a bag of cocaine seems cheap! And it comes with a free straw!

Splinter In My Ear

It looks like a thermometer found in your doctors surgery, but the picture shows it giving a hickey to your hand. Does it suck out splinters? It looks like it would leave you with a red patch that resembles a flea bite.

Rest That Booty

At first glance, this is a great product. A seat that your baby can use to relieve the weight that they put on your arms, when carrying them. Handy when you have a clingy baby and needs cuddles. UNTIL… you realise that the advert shows a baby with a split in his trousers, and no nappy on. Why? Just why? This was one of the first bizarre adverts I had seen pop up on my newsfeed. It still baffles me why the tot would have split pants/ no pants.

Growing Barbie

Ken has been busy. And where are her swollen ankles?!

Hmmm, Intimate

How do you even wear this? Does it shape the inside or the outside?


What cracking WTF products have you seen on your FB? Let me know in the comments!

  • I am guessing it’s from China. It costs £1 and has terribly translated packaging. For all I know, it could have been shipped from Guatemala.
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Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Oh Jeez – how weird are those random bits of I don’t know what. Yep I get weird ads pop up too. Why??? Sarah #sharingthebloglove

  2. Wish is so strange! I actually downloaded the app yesterday for the first time to see what it’s all about. Very strange lol. Apparently they do have some food items on their though. Although Facebook really need to work on what kind of ads they let to intrude on our pages! x

  3. LOL! I’ve been seeing all the odd facebook ads too. Though not as strange as the ones you have spotted it seems. I have one questions for Facebook….. why??! *Pregnant USB sticks? Are you serious Facebook. x

  4. Oh my gosh how weird are these items. Like who needs a rubber tongue for what purpose! The world’s gone made lol x

  5. crikey! It never ceases to amaze me of all the products they make in China. I bet they never try to sell them to the Chinese mind you. Something for everything that we don’t need something for lol.

  6. What the hell are some of these products, I can’t even believe some of this stuff exists x

  7. Oh my goodness, this has put such a smile on my face on a dreary evening! The dog and cat masks are so bizarre, and you’re right, I didn’t notice the poor kid’s split trousers, but WHY?!! And I’m taking a wild punt that most cocaine users can’t wait 15 days for delivery 🙂 Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  8. I have been seeing the craziest ads on Facebook too. So crazy.

  9. Oh my lordy! I’ve seen some of these pop up on facebook but not all of them. Why would anyone put a mask on their cat or dog I don’t know. Who the hell is buying these things, clearly someone if they’re being made

  10. Oh my goodness this has made me laugh but must be a little frustrating for you. I have not seen any of these luckily I just seem to get food or tea related themes pop up on my FB #SharingtheBlogLove

  11. These are bizarre! I’ve not had them on my Facebook..yet! Hilarious post #sharingthebloglove

  12. This really made my chuckle – what are half of these things even useful for? Sarah #sharingthebloglove

  13. These are all rather weird. #SharingtheBlogLove

  14. Ha ha I really need this today! Really made me chuckle on my London commute so thank you. Xx #Sharingthebloglove

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