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We have 2 dogs, who are hungry ALL OF THE TIME! Dixie, is a 10 month old Sighthound and Scrapper is a 4 year old Jack Russell cross. When I was contacted by the lovely team from asking if we would like to give their tailor-made dog food a go, how could my pups say No?!

What Is is a subscription service, providing tailor-made dog food, unique for every dog. You can start your order off with a free trial (see below, for a link to get your free food), and if your dogs love it (which I’m sure they will!) you will then be sent your dog food each month through the post. launched in 2013 and promised to deliver top quality dog food, that is tailored to each dog’s specific needs. Through it’s easy to create dry food that is perfect for your pet. Simply create a profile for your dog(s), letting know your dog’s breed, weight, activity level, age, what flavours they love, any dietary requirements and if there are any health benefits that you would like to see added too. Does your dog like chicken, but is grain intolerant and you’d like to see a shinier coat? That’s fine. can do that for you.

Ordering with

Setting up profiles for both of my dogs was super simple. It only took a few moments and I was told instantly what each of my dogs food order was going to be.

My order was delivered within just a few days, which was a very pleasant surprise. I was given regular updates from, letting me know when our parcel had been despatched and which day it would arrive on. Our bags of dog food came in one big box. Of course, my kids stole the box… which gave me a quiet afternoon 😉

Each month, it’s easy to revisit your dog’s profile page and amend your order if need be. At the end of the month, I was sent an email reminding me that our next delivery was soon going to be processed again just in case any changes needed to be made.

Arriving with your delivery are measuring scoops, specifically sized for your dog. So you can measure out perfectly exactly what they should be eating at each meal. Each month, you will receive an extra little freebie too! With our second order, we received a lovely travel bowl, that folds flat. We’ve now decided to keep it in the car for when traveling with the dogs.

Dinner time!

As soon as I had opened the box, my 2 dogs knew exactly what deliciousness was inside. I usually part mix raw and dry kibble food, twice a day. This works well for my dogs, so I decided to continue with this, using our new food.

The dog’s seemed desperate to get into the bags, so I gave them a bowl each without the raw food mixed in. In all honesty, I didn’t expect them to eat it all considering the raw food was missing. But, much to my surprise they cleared their bowls!

We have tried our dogs on many types of dry food, as over time they tend to get bored and leave the majority of it. Every 4 weeks we find that they will eat less and less dry food as boredom sets in. But, we’ve been feeding our dogs dry food for 6 weeks now, and they are still just as enthusiastic as they were on day one.

Our dogs now have a visibly shinier coat, which I put down to switching to They also seem to be less hungry between meals, begging for scraps less and less. Dixie, our sighthound is a terrible scavenger and her energy levels are usually through the roof. Since using, she is stealing less and no longer gets weird and destructive bouts of hyperactivity. It seems that cheaper food we were feeding before wasn’t filling her up for long and the energy she received from it was sporadic.

Because we are mix feeding our dogs, one bag is lasting us for a very long time. We are still working our way through our 1st bags! Needless to say, we have had to pause our future orders as our cupboards are full. I really cannot see this as a bad thing at all, as has saved us so much money because the great quality food is lasting much longer than the cheaper stuff! I can restart our orders at any time, through our dogs profiles on the website. Something I will certainly be doing, when the time comes.


Your order comes with this handy sheet. It tells you what exactly you been sent, ingredients and feeding instructions.

Try for FREE!

I am offering all of my readers the chance to try for 2 weeks for free (Just pay postage, that’s very cheap!) Just enter the code THENEWHOUSEFAM2WF when setting up your profile. You can create your own profile here. After your free trial, you’ll get your personalised dog food delivered each month. You can cancel at any time.

To find our more about, read reviews and see what other dog food and treats options hey have available, visit the website here.


*I was sent a free trial of in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post.


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