Somfy One Home Security Camera Review

As people across the country search for some early summer sun, they pack their suit cases and jet off across the globe for a holiday to beat the blues. But, with an empty house also comes the huge risk of burglaries. Criminals seize the opportunity to let themselves into your home to steal your valuables. It’s the worst feeling in the world to know that someone has entered your property and helped themselves to your hard-earned stuff.

Somfy One- The All-In-One security camera

Since our burglary back in September, we have since discovered an amazing home security camera from Somfy. The Somfy One features a HD camera, siren, night vision camera and motion sensor.

The Somfy One is small in size, smaller than an Amazon Echo and can easily be placed anywhere in the home. Unboxing the Somfy is super easy, with no complicated set up. Simply remove the Somfy One from its box, plug your Somfy in and install the Somfy Protect app. Simply follow the instructions from your phone’s Somfy app and you’re good to go, within minutes.

Look for the easy-to-use Somfy app in the Google Play or Apple app stores.

We were instantly playing around with the Somfy One, watching ourselves on my phone screen. Thanks to the HD camera, image quality is superb. This is reassuring knowing that if the Somfy captured an intruder, you would be able to see them clearly. When night mode is activated (automatically when the camera detects that it is dark) image quality is not lost at all.

Once night time fell, my husband found it hilarious to dress up as a (trouserless) burglar and activate the camera in our lounge. As you can see, image quality is still excellent, even during night vision mode, thanks to the infrared camera. The camera detected movement as he entered the room and set off an alarm and a push notification straight to my phone. As the camera has built in speakers, I could talk to my ‘intruder’, telling him to stop being a fool and to go to bed.

The Somfy has a built in 90+ dB siren. This is LOUD! I was very surprised that such a small device could cause so much volume. The siren isn’t loud enough for the whole street to hear, but close neighbours would certainly be aware that it has been activated. There is no doubt that an intruder would run for the hills as soon as they have activated this alarm.

When the Somfy has detected movement and is activated, images of the intruder are captured and a short video recorded and you can also watch what’s happening live. This notification happens instantly on your phone, with an alert to let you know that something has been detected.

The purple bars seen at the bottom, indicate when movement was detected.


You do need a good reliable wifi connection for the Somfy, a phone with Bluetooth and a plug socket near by. The Somfy has to be connected to the electrical mains to work, but the power cord supplied is super long to give you a little extra leeway. Bluetooth is needed on your phone for initial set up, but when you’re out and about viewing the Somfy or alerts sent by Somfy will need your phone to be connected to Wifi or your phone data turned on.

Free playback for a limited time then a subscription is needed, which I initially wasn’t aware of. As an additional service for £4 per month, your images will be kept for 7 days and 24/7 recording which you can access at all times.  I think Somfy would have received all round winning points from me if they didn’t feel the need to charge its customers for a subscription to benefits from all of it’s features. The Somfy One is a pricey gadget, but the extra costs on top really don’t seem ideal for us.

I loved being able to view and rewind footage at all times (when I had free access to all features) but I struggled to like the camera when I only had access to live viewing and 10 second video clips when the camera was activated. I would love Somfy to include the full range of features for free or at least cheaper than the current £4 per month.

Once the free trial had ended, I really was gutted to no longer be able to scroll through the day’s events.

My Favourite Features

I am especially pleased with the image quality of such a small camera. Crisp, clear and easy to view on your phone.

Simple easy-to-use app.

Looks sleek and stylish.

HD & 8x Zoom. The zoom allows you to see close up every little detail.

Shutter for privacy.

2 way audio (built in speaker and microphone) allowing me to chat both ways via the Somfy and the app.

The Somfy app available through Apple App Store and Android Google Play. The Somfy One can also be partnered with other home security devices from Somfy, such as the door and window sensors, extra cameras and motion sensors. The Somfy One is also compatable with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest and IFTTT.

You can read more about the Somfy One here.

Where to buy

The Somfy One is available online from Debenhams, Amazon, BT Shop and the Somfy Webshop directly. The Somfy One has an RRP of £229. Do make sure to shop around for the best prices.

*This Somfy One was sent to me in exchange for this post. All opinions, images and words are my own.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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