Dogs love being spoilt by their owners and the superb Pawsome Box helps these owners spoil their pups the easy way (postman included!)

Our little Scrapper.
Our little Scrapper.

The Pawsome Box is easy to order, and tailored to your dog breed/size. Simply choose between a 12, 6 or 3 monthly subscription (you can also order one-off’s to try before you commit) which you can suspend at any time. Simple really. The postman then delivers your Pawsome Box and then you just enjoy the fun within. Last year I reviewed a Pawsome Box which was totally different to the box below. But each box was crammed full of fun toys, tasty treats and super useful care accessories. Each box is just under £20 per month, but you can save money on this buy joining with a bigger subscription, such as the 6 monthly one, and the contents of each box is valued at around £40… and you get to try out the newest toys and treats available, all as a surprise because you just don’t know what you’re going to receive. It’s like your birthday (that you can share with your pupster) month after month.

I took a look at the contents of this months Pawsome Box to see what surprises Scrapper and Suzie had in store!

Once again, we really enjoyed the Pawsome Box. It was packed with 6 good quality and well made lovely products. The Paw Notes mag, was a nice quick read and gave me the lowdown on the products inside, and even a tasty home made dog biscuit recipe to try at home.

A Pawesome Box is available to order online, and is a simple and easy process. Boxes start at £19.90, and can be tailored to your dogs (but the contents still remain a surprise!) and can even be ordered as a gift. Also, don’t forget to check out Pawesome’s Facebook page for lots more Pawesome news!

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