‘PJ Masks: Team Of Heroes’ Board Game Review

If you have children under the age of 8, you’re bound to know who the PJ Masks are. With 4 kids under the age of 8 our household certainly knows what this band of Super Heroes are all about! We were thrilled to see that there is a brand new board game dedicated to this popular TV show. PJ Masks: Team Of Heroes, is a board game that your little PJ Masks super-fans will spend hours of fun playing.

Who are the PJ Masks?

Catboy (Connor), Owlette (Amaya) and Gekko (Greg) are the stars of this animated TV series. During the day, they are 3 normal kids but by night they become masked super heroes who fight to save the town against the evil Romeo and his robots, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and a team of Ninjalinos – the minions of the Night Ninja.

PJ Masks: Team Of Heroes

PJ Masks: Team Of Heroes is a cooperative board game where players play together to beat the villain Romeo and his evil robots before they take over the PJ Masks base. This game is ideal for small children, teaching them how cooperative games work, planning ahead and working together to find a strategy to win. The aim of the game is to stop any robots from making their way to the PJ Masks base and shutting down Romeo’s laboratory. If any robot makes it as far as the base, then the players lose the game. Players can win by shutting down Romeo’s laboratory (taking the counter from 7 down to 0), or by removing all the robots from the game.

Players take it in turns to draw a card, and undertake the action listed at the top of the card (Move Romeo or place a robot onto the board). Following this, they must choose another action (moving one of the named PJ Masks a number of spaces, or taking reducing the counter on Romeo’s lab by 1).


The game is super easy to play. My 3, 5 and 6 year olds understood the game right away and had no trouble grasping the rules.

The game takes just 1 minute to assemble. The first time you set-up the game you will have to stand the robots and laboratory onto their bases, but these simply slot into place. You can remove them from their bases at the end of the game, but they fit back into the box with ease when still attached to the bases to make set up for the next time you play quicker.

The rules are super simple to grasp, and are easily explained on a single double-sided rule sheet… it’s more pictures than text too! After just 1 round and explaining to our girls how to play, we didn’t need to explain the rules again. Play went ahead smoothly (although Ivy, our 3 year old, assumed that she was only playing as Catboy and had to be reminded that she could move any character) and lasted for just over 20 minutes. As soon as we finished the game, my 6 year old wanted to play again!

The board game as a product

  • Ages 4+ (But our 3 year old played easily with no problem understanding the rules)
  • 1-4 players. I actually played this game on my own and was great fun!
  • 20 minutes of game play.

This game features 4 wonderful miniatures- Catboy, Owlette, Gekko and Romeo. The quality of the miniatures is excellent – they’re really detailed and well painted – this is coming from someone who paints and sells miniatures for table-top gaming.

The whole game feels well made and sturdy. The game board is thick and has fantastic artwork which matches the look and feel of the show, as do the cards, robots and laboratory. I am honestly blown away with the quality of this children’s game. We play a lot of adult table-top games and it is clear that this game has been designed and created by people who seriously know their ‘stuff’

The game reminded both my husband and I of Pandemic (you can read our review by following the link). This not only because of the cooperative nature of the game, where you win or lose as a team, but also because the robots spread across the board in a very similar way to the diseases in Pandemic, gradually taking over the whole playing area if not kept in check by the heroes. Things can quickly get out of hand, but unlike Pandemic, the mechanic for removing a robot is fairly straight forward. Players only have to move onto a space occupied by one to remove it, and typically a hero moves between 1 and 3 spaces every turn.

Where to buy

If you’d like to know more about PJ Masks: Team of Heroes, then visit the Ravensburger website where there are plenty more fun and exciting games to explore.

You can buy the game directly from amazon using the link below:

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