Our Day Trip To Amsterdam

On Tuesday we did something a little crazy! Ivy (my 3 year old) and I took a special day trip to Amsterdam. We were joined by Ivy’s best friend Rita, and her mum and dad- Sarah and Michael. It was Sarah’s birthday and her choice of destination. We booked our flights 2 months ago, and it was partially because Ivy and Rita have been desperate to fly on a plane together for some time. Ivy has been obsessed with aeroplanes since she was just 1 year old. We live on the doorstrep of Shuttleworth Aerodrome so Ivy has grown up watching beautiful planes on a daily basis.

Ivy and her bestie before take-off.

We took the 20 minute drive to London Luton Airport where we met with our friends. We made our way through security and boarded our plane. We managed to get some great photographs of the girls viewing their plane from the big windows and as we boarded the plane. Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit with our friends for take off, but they were just behind us so we could still wave to each other.

The pilot gave a shout out to Ivy and Rita congratulating them on their first ever flight. It was such a lovely thing for him to do. Ivy drew a picture of our plane and gave it to the pilot as a gift when we got off of the plane in Amsterdam. Ivy loved every second of the flight and was mesmerized at the ground below us, and spent our time above the clouds looking for aliens and Father Christmas. Unfortunately she spotted neither.

Ivy watching the world go by.

The airport security was manned by such lovely people. Ivy and Rita both got stamps for their passports to remember their first ever trip abroad. The man on the border security desk kindly offered the girls stamps, as us adults never thought to ask for one! It was all his idea. Such a kind thing to do.

Once in Amsterdam we took a short train ride to Amsterdam Centraal station, where we found a lovely café for a quick bite to eat. We then made our way to the Lovers Canal Tours boats where we took a beautiful 1 hour cruise across the waterways of Amsterdam City Center. We soaked up this beautiful city in style, watching the houseboats, wildlife and other tourist hot spots, such as Anne Frank’s house and the burial place of artist Rembrandt.


I was struck by how clean Amsterdam city is. Unlike London, the streets and waterways were pristine! The locals were so friendly too. I honestly fell in love with the place instantly.

Soon it was time to go home, something none of us were ready to do. That’s the sad thing about taking a day trip- it never feels like you’ve spent long enough looking at things. The train journey back to the airport was a breeze (but very busy as it was rush hour) and the flight home was just as easy.

Soon, we were back in Luton and the day was over and done with. It was a long day for us all, but we certainly could have done with more time as we hardly saw anything. We have decided to all go back again soon and hopefully book a hotel for an over night stay. The flights were cheap, the city was beautiful and the journey was stress-free. We can’t wait to go back again to see more!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If so, where do you recommend a visit to when we are next over there. Let me know in the comments!


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I would fly every day, if I could. What an amazing day in Amsterdam. Now, where do we go next?

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