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We love Orchard Toys and have been huge fans of their wonderful board games for quite a few years now. Regular readers may be aware of this and seen our previous reviews.

We hope you all had lots of fun over the summer holidays and created wonderful memories. Now school is back in fill swing, you made mind that your kids come home feeling tired. Boredom and tiredness can create carnage. When this happens with my girls, they start to bicker and fight amongst themselves. Suddenly from the hours between home-time and bed-time can be hell on Earth. When the kids are acting like this, I instantly reach towards our board-games collection, for some instant distraction.

Orchard Toys have a cute range of easy-to-play mini travel games. Quick to set up, easy to learn and lots of fun, these games are just £5 each… perfect for holidays and quick entertainment… or when the kids needs some distraction from boredom.

When my lovely friends from Orchard Toys asked if we wanted to play some of their new Mini Travel Games we couldn’t resist. We put Build A Beetle and Crocodile Snap to the test.

Build a Beetle

The aim of Build a Beetle is to be the player who builds their beetle first, by spinning the spinner. Simply place all of the game pieces number side up on the table or floor. Players take turns to spin the spinner. To start building their beetle they must first spin a 6.

Once you have spun a 6, you choose any available body piece and place it picture side up in-front of you. Players then take turns to spin the spinner and collect the head, antennae, arms and legs of the matching colour to your beetle’s body.

Build a Beetle is suitable for players aged 4-8, with 2-4 players.

My 3 year old enjoyed the game, and we didn’t have to use the easier rules at all… and she ended up winning the first round! The game is so simple to learn, and great fun to play. My 5 year old was super pleased when she realised that she was building the princess beetle!

It took 20 minutes to play a full game, until all of us had completed our Beetles. The artwork for the Beetles was fantastic with lots of lovely details. The game pieces were thick, strong card and could certainly withstand the rough play of younger children. It’s also really nice to find a game that my 3 year old could play just as easily as my 6 year old.

Crocodile Snap

Play a card and make it snappy in this fun twist of the traditional game of snap.

Shuffle all of the cards and deal them face down in piles to all of the players. Players then take it in turns to turn over the top card from their pile and place it face up in-front of them, keeping their 2 piles separate. If a player spots any 2 top cards that match, they shout “Snap!” and collect both piles of cards. These cards are added to the bottom of their own pile of cards.

If a player spots matching crocodile cards, they must keep quiet but ‘snap’ their arms together like a crocodile instead. They then collect that pile of cards to add to their pile.

If a player runs out of cards in their face down pile, they turn over their pile of face up cards and continue play. If a player runs out of all cards, they are out of the game.

The winner is the player who is the first to collect all of the cards.

Uh Oh! Mummy won!

We love the simplicity of this game. Snap is such an easy game for all children of all ages to play together. The fun twist in the Orchard Toys game of Snap, snapping your arms together like a crocodile is hilarious and has us all in stitches of laughter.

The cards are thick and sturdy, small but large enough for little hands to handle and are all illustrated wonderfully.


These 2 games really proved to us how much we love games made by Orchard Toys . We are yet to find a game from Orchard Toys that we don’t love. The games are of a high quality, bright and colourful and are lots of fun.

The Mini Travel Games aren’t just great for when out and about but also as quick and easy games for beating boredom or rainy days. I also think these games make a perfect stocking filler for Christmas or as a cheap and cheerful present for gifting children for their birthday. At just £5 each for the mini-games, you really can’t go wrong!

Where To Buy

There are 12 games available in the Mini Travel Games range, each game is £5 and available from the Orchard Toys website here.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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