What Makes A Happy Cat?

Owning a cat is obviously a big responsibility, and you want to do everything that you can to make your feline happy and content. Getting to know your cat is something that requires some time and patience, but to give you a helping hand, we are going to be discussing just a few things that you can do to make your cat happier.

Get Feeding Right

You should have separate food and water bowls with a fresh supply of H2O at least once every day. Dry food should be provided for nibbles, though if you need to restrict your cat’s food intake, frequent smaller meals tend to be better than two or three large ones during the day. Wet food should be provided for main meals as this is where cats get a lot of their water. If you are looking to provide extra nutrients, check out things like Aniforte’s salmon oil for cats. Pay attention to your cat’s individual preferences to make them even happier. While most cats can tolerate the most common brands available, other felines will have additional needs for their sensitive stomachs. Friendly Claws clearly breaks down the best cat food options for special circumstances to keep your kitty’s digestion in check.


Play with Them Regularly

Young cats tend to have bags of energy, and they tend to be at their most active during the night and around dawn or dusk. You should be looking to play with your cat on a regular basis with a variety of toys. If you don’t, they are more likely to keep you up at night meowing or attack your ankles. So, play sessions are definitely valuable for both you and your cat!


Allow Them to Scratch

she’s a completely different cat now!

Cats need to be able to scratch, and they often do this when they are feeling comfortable and happy. To stop your cat destroying your furniture, you should invest in a good-quality scratching post. They tend to prefer textured surfaces, and you also should ensure that the post is sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over every time they use it. If your cat doesn’t automatically start using it, make sure to draw their attention to it by placing it in the middle of the room and placing treats on top.

Give Them a Sense of Routine

Though it may seem like cats like to come and go as they please, they also enjoy consistency and stability. For example, they like to know where their food will be served and what time it will be served at. Of course, all cats are different, so you will find that some like this sense of order more than others. The important thing is to get to know what your cat prefers and adjust the routine accordingly.

Allow Them a Mix of Independence and Close Contact


Unlike dogs who tend to prefer a lot of contact with humans, cats are often more independent creatures. However, most of them still enjoy being cuddled from time to time as well. So, allow your cat to sit alone when they want to – they will often let you know when they are prepared to be more social.



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Great article! One of my cats is very old now (17 years old) so the main thing she enjoys is just sleeping in the warmth. Normally on her blanket by a radiator or in the sun when it is nice and warm. The other one is always out doing what cats do.

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