How To Maximise The Space Of A Tiny Backyard

Outdoor living spaces, even small in sizes, are not a bad thing. It adds texture, color, and visual appeal to your house. It is an opportunity to create an intimate entertaining atmosphere. Here are a few tips to maximize the space of a tiny backyard.


Have a Plan

Some people prefer laying out before breaking the ground.  However, it is good to give a new look even in the tiny backyard. Put together with unique florals. Avoid hodgepodge paintings. Make sure to keep it functional and visually pleasing by planting a garden or installing a hardscape.


The need to prioritize the backyard is to make some compromises. You may have a small pool or add a water feature such as a fountain or a pond. Ensure to use your backyard as you want. If you wish to entertain, ensure to have the must-have things in the backyard as fitting or accessories.  Get creative using dual-purpose features.

Create a Focal Point

A large or small yard, add visual interest by adding a focal point. Transform the overall landscape by adding fake grass altogether. Ensure to have the spread of fake grass all over to get a cohesive look. Landscaping creates the illusion and depth of more space in your yard. 


Forget natural Grass

People love to have natural grass in their backyard. Homeowners think a lawn having natural grass is a status symbol. However, those days were the belief of yesteryears.  Nowadays, the expansive lawns have fake grass installed. It takes the property value up and is useful for outdoor functional spaces. Tiny backyard space is a premium space and having a natural grass lawn is a waste.  Besides, the lawn maintenance tools cannot justify your tiny backyard.  Thus, in a tiny backyard, to have a small patch of grass for your pets or children is easy to accomplish with fake grass or artificial turf.
Using fake grass offers a stable ground cover. It is at a level for play areas. It is easy to clean using pets. At the same time, a tiny backyard enjoys the benefit of a fake grass patch in shady areas or under a tree. There is no need to worry about affecting your yard areas or about water running off.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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