How To Help Your Child Find A New Hobby

Your children will definitely have many talents but, as a parent, one of your jobs is to guide them in the right direction. Helping them to find a hobby can be quite difficult though, especially when children tend to have such short attention spans to begin with. They may start with an activity that they show passion for but then start to quit in just a short time – and the week after that, they want to take up something else.

Here is a handful of tips if you’d like to help your child find the best hobby for them- that they will enjoy and persevere at. This way, you won’t have to spend a fortune on sports clothes and different equipment when they want to change to something else immediately – and you can feel a bit more confident that you’ve both found a great activity for your child.


First: Set a good example

As you very well know, your children tend to take after you. If you lead an active life with hobbies, your kids will most certainly want to follow in your footsteps. It’s not that unusual to find that children would like to try out the hobbies that their parents or older siblings enjoy, so why not start with this?

If you’re a big fan of fishing, you might want to bring your kids along and see if they also become a fan of wildlife and nature. Along with your trusty tackle box, you’ll want to be sure to pack your favourite rod, reel, and fish finder as recommended by Fishermen’s Pond. Even if this doesn’t trigger them to fish for the rest of their lives, they may discover a love for camping, cycling or even birdwatching while you’re out by the lake so don’t hesitate to invite your kids along.

Think about the other hobbies you have the same way; if you’re playing instruments, you may want to have a look at soundproofpanda.com for some alternatives on soundproofing your basement in case they choose drums over the recorder!


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Encourage your children to explore these different hobbies, and if it’s something that you can do together the chances of your child becoming dedicated to that hobby will soar. You will love spending time together and having fun.


Next: Team them up with friends

Because children tend to fall in and out of love with hobbies rather quickly, it’s a good idea to make sure that they have a friend to push them along a bit.

Just like you might need an exercise buddy to help you out once in a while, your kid will definitely be happy to have a friend who also loves the same stuff as them. That way, they always have someone to hang out with while enjoying their hobbies and may even feel a bit less tempted to miss out on a practice since they’d be letting their friend down.

If they don’t have any friends who are interested in their hobby, however, don’t despair; they will most likely meet someone new while practicing their hobby and expand their network of friends, in any way. Have a look at tutordoctor.co.uk for some more great tips.

Helping your child discover and stick with a hobby can be quite challenging, but keep in mind that there’s no point pushing them either. Let them try out a few things and remind them that it usually gets easier when they get a bit better. Praise and encouragement is key to building confidence, and with confidence comes their passion for thei hobby to thrive.

Have fun together and make memories!


Hazel Newhouse

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