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Mr Grey Will See You Now

Those are the words that many women across the globe fantasize about hearing.

Christian Trevelyan Grey. The young, sexy, charming, business man. Good in the board room but freakin’ amazing in The Red Room.

When us ladies close our eyes and think of Mr. Grey what do we see? His muscular body maybe. Or perhaps him and Ana in the lift? Or how about that iconic tie?

The elegant Christian Grey tie has become a symbol of the books (and very soon to be movies- squeeek) and it seems is just as well known and thought about as his love affair with Ana itself.

Presents For Men are one of the few UK retailers that are truly helping to make every woman’s fantasy a reality. The 50 Shades of Grey Tie is now available in their gifts for men section. You won’t find it available from many other outlets in the run up to Christmas.

The tie, an exact copy of the one from the front cover of the first novel by E L James, is from the “official pleasure” collection – and is designed to turn your other half into your very own Christian Grey.

The tie is of a lovely quality, and as good as anything you could pick up in a high street store. And yup, it is a dead ringer for the exact tie on the front cover, but includes a label on the back with Mr Grey’s signature.

What you choose to do with the tie is up to you… I like to think of Jay wearing it in the board room!

Official Christian Grey Tie


Shades of Grey - Christian Grey Tie

Hazel Newhouse

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