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You don’t always have to leave home to have fun with your family and if you’re living on a budget, you need to have some entertainment at home. Before the age of TV and digital devices, it was normal for this, but along the way, some of these fun methods of entertainment have been forgotten.

Games Or Film Night

A few board games and maybe some snacks is all you need for a great evening of family entertainment.  Forget Monopoly, Scrabble and Mouse Trap. There are now thousands of epics board games for you to explore. You could be a farmer, a jewel merchant, a banger car racer, a detective on a forbidden Island. Visit your local board game store to discover your next favourite game.

For films, choose something that the whole family will enjoy. There are aerials that will connect you to many different film stations, so the choice of viewing can be huge. It is even better if you can find a trilogy of films, so there are others for you to follow on with another evening. We recently cancelled our massive Virgin Media bill. We have switched to just using an Amazon Fire Stick, with Netflix and Disney Life. Whatever you’re after, you can now find it online.

Local Parks

Pack a picnic and head to the local park. Kids love the freedom to kick a ball about or play hide and seek . Just a few snacks and drinks will keep them happy till you return home, and a picnic can be the most exciting thing in the world, when you’re just a few years old.

When we are at the park, we love to:

  • Play frisbee
  • Bug hunt
  • Make daisy chains
  • Have races
  • Play chase

Look Out For Deals

Theme parks and Zoos often have special deals, especially if you are able to visit them in the middle of the week. These can be a great day out for all the family, and a special deal will drop the cost to something affordable.You can also find special deals in restaurants, where on certain days children can eat free. This can be a real social occasion for kids, and taking advantage of deals like this can be a great way to have some quality time together. Keep your eyes peeled on offers that can often be found on cereal packets, train tickets and till receipts.

Amateur Sports

Football and Rugby matches can often be expensive days out, especially if you are watching one of the top teams. However, visit some amateur games and you will save a fortune and they can be just as much fun. When you have done this a few times, you and your family may well start to support one of the amateur teams, just as you would a professional one but at a fraction of the cost.

I love to watch our local cricket team play at the park by my house. My little boy loves watching them train, and it doesn’t cost us a penny!

Library Activities

Many people relate libraries to just reading books, but did you know that most libraries have introduced many other activities for the whole family? You should check with your local library to see what they have on offer. There are lots of free after school clubs (our local library runs a Lego club) and most days of the school holidays will have an activity to attend.

Raising children is all about creating memories among the many other things you have to teach them. Having fun together will always achieve this and they will remember these occasions for the rest of their life.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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