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The First Family Sunday

OK, we have had a Sunday before as a family. 3 in total in fact. But Sunday 1st April was our first, as a family, on a day out. Apologies that its taken me a week to publish this, but British Telecom have not been our friends these past 7days.

Now I if was to say we took Grandad out, to have his photo taken and to go to a nice outdoor event, you would imagine a little grey haired old man, in his Sunday best enjoying his first day out as a Grandad. The photo would be for a nice reminder of the day, and the outdoor event may be a sweet little church fête, or maybe a good old fashioned car boot. How much further from the truth could I be…

Now my dad, isn’t a little grey haired old man, that’s into church fêtes or car boots, but he is a 47yr old biker who’s idea of an outdoor event is sitting in a beer garden all day! My dad picked us up at 10 last Sunday morning, grinning like a little school boy. Now I knew straight away that there was more buzzing through his mind than the excitement of getting his photograph taken. And he was about to reveal it “C’mon hurry up! I got a bike show to go to!”. The big reveal. There was a biker show on at the local school. It was free family event, which was to host a Wall of Death show, a Stunt-bike show and most importantly (in my eyes) a burger van. I too was now excited, I must admit. But there were more important tasks at hand to be completed before we scooted (no pun intended) off to the biker show.

We drove into the next town to find the photographers studio. The photographer was holding a world record attempt for most amount of portraits taken in a 12 hour period. And we wanted to be a part of it! Jay had his picture taken first, then my dad, followed by Willow then myself. Then finally a lovely photograph of all of us together. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this new world record attempt, to be part our town’s history and to share this with my family.

We left the photographers studio and headed back to the car, where Willow had a nice feed in the sunshine and her bum changed on her Grandad’s passenger car seat. We arrived at the bike show and immediately my dad turned into a kid at a candy shop, eyeing up all the shiny toys and the wonderful stalls. Dad noticed a tiny motorbike. I don’t mean one of those mini-motos that chavs ride around on, but a fully ‘to scale’ super-bike. I looked at dad, dad looked at me, and we both knew that we had the same idea. Bike + baby = photo opportunity! Cruel, we know. But it really couldn’t have been missed. And that wasn’t the only highlight of the day…

ampthill bike show willow 'whiplash' newhouse

…. another highlight of the day would be breastfeeding while watching a stunt bike show. Now it’s not everyday that you get to watch a stunt show with a child attached to your boob. It’s not every day that you have a child attached to your boob while surrounded by hairy, scary leather clad men. But when baby wants food; baby sure does get food!! I must say though, as a new breastfeeding mother, with no experience of feeding babies publicly, let alone at an event like this, I felt very at ease with the situation. And not one person stared, or judged. I’m glad the stunt rider didn’t notice either…. else that could have been a very nasty crash.

The rest of the day followed by watching a spectacular Wall of Death show (thankfully that wasn’t accompanied by a breastfeed.) and a nice juicy burger while sat under a Willow tree, sheltering from the sun. That was most definitely a perfect family Sunday. Bliss 🙂

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. As you know, I’m thinking of trying the bikes with boobs thing later this year although I might investigate to see whether the millenium stadium in Cardiff makes any statement about breastfeeding before I book for the speedway.

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