Dreambaby Hallway Security Gate Review

With two small children constantly trailing behind me, I am all too well aware of the importance of a well fitted safe baby gate. In my house I have one between the kitchen and the living room and one in the doorway of the girls’ bedroom to stop them wandering across the landing in the night. But I really wanted one to fit across the hallway to stop the girls from going up the stairs. I like the idea of dividing ‘zones’ in the house for safety and so I know that if I need the girls in one place they can stay there without the risk of them injuring themselves or running off.

The baby gates that we already have fitted in the house only fit across doorways and none of them were wide enough to fit across the hallway to stop the kids from getting up the stairs. We cannot fit a gate across the actual stair case, as the wooden bannister does not feel strong enough to fit a baby gate tight and safely enough, not to mention that the plaster does not feel thick enough either to take the gate safely.
The Dreambaby hallway security gate, is perfectly wide enough to fit across the hallway perfectly without the need for putting a gate across the stair way and risking damage to the property. The hallway gate firs openings 97-108cm but can extend up to an impressive 3.01m with optional gate extensions.

The gate looks very modern and sleek, in a lovely shiny black. It opens up in both directions and swings itself closed automatically if left open, avoiding any accidents if the gate was to be left open by anyone. If you did wish to fit this stair gate across a stair way with bannisters you can buy adapters (sold separately) for the gate if you should wish. If found it very handy that you only need to use one hand to open the gate, which is very useful if you have a sleeping baby in one arm, and you need to get upstairs to lay her down in her cot (can you tell that I have experienced this- with ease!) The gate also has a lower latch fitted to the bottom of the gate for extra safety. This means that should the top latch be opened the gate will still not open without it being lifted out of the latch. This is a very simple movement that is no effort at all for us adults, but a child could not lift the gate to open it.

Fitting the gate was very easy – much easier than other gates we have had in the past. It was not difficult to extend the fittings into the mounting cups, nor was it hard to close the “gap”. We didn’t have to use any tools to get it set up, and it only took two or three minutes to get it up and operational. I didn’t hear any “tutting” or “hummphhing” from Jay, so that is always a bonus!
The thing to remember with using a stair gate is that they must work! If they keep your child safe, your mind at ease and keeps your house and possessions safe then it’s great.


For those household things that a baby security gate cant secure, maybe it’s time to think about home insurance. Its always worth checking out what your home insurance can cover, giving you and the whole family a much sounder peace of mind.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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