Damage Free Hanging, Whatever The Job

Some of my regular readers may know that we moved house recently and are currently in the process of decorating our new home. It’s been a tough task so far, and occasionally the house throws a surprise at us (normally in the form of a hole or a crack). Once a room has been decorated and the paint is fresh and bright, it always feels a shame to make holes in the walls to ready to hang pictures. Of course it isn’t really ruining all of your hard work but it does make you squirm at the thought of damaging that flawless paint-job or perfect papering.

It can also feel deflating when you’re moving into rented property. It can be tough to make a rented home feel homely (after all it isn’t actually your house). Many landlords aren’t happy with their tenants just knocking holes in the walls to hang a photo (we’ve been in that situation before) or add an extra hook to the bathroom door. You often have to just make do with what the landlord has left for you given you.

Just recently, I was taken by surprise by a wonderful product on the market. When I first spotted these in our local Wilko’s, my husband was even more surprised at the fact that I never knew they existed…Command hooks. OH MY LIFE!!! Seriously, needed these for the last 9 years of living  in rented accommodation. These clever hooks can be stuck anywhere, and unlike normal sticky hooks available on the market, these hooks don’t leave marks on your walls – whether they belong to you, or your landlord. No drilling or hammering is required and even the most DIY-phobic of us are immune to mistakes. After all, if you mess up you simply peel off the hook and start again. A-maze-balls.

command hooks

I was lucky enough to put some Command hooks through their paces recently and see for myself how easy they are to use. First place in my home to get the Command treatment was my kitchen. I’ve just finished decorating my kitchen, and while the kitchen is mahoosive, I still end up hanging kitchen towels and hand towels over the cupboards and oven. It doesn’t look great. Big kitchen- minimal hanging space. I decided to use a small, clear Command hook on the cupboard just underneath my sink. I needed somewhere easy to reach to dry my hands after washing, without having to walk from one end of the room to the other to retrieve my bestest fluffiest towel.

The instructions on the pack were easy to read and easy to follow (and even had little drawings in case you were confused). Within 40 seconds I had opened the packet, and hung my hook. The clear plastic hook felt sturdy and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. My whole kitchen is decorated and styled to resemble the 1950’s era, and so a modern hook would have looked out of place. I loved the subtly of the small clear hook, so this was ideal for us. My fluffy hand-towel now hangs in an easy to reach place, looks nicely hung and when it comes to ripping out our kitchen cupboards and replacing them (hopefully next year) I can simply remove the hook and reuse it. The pack of 18 hooks comes with 24 small clear strips, so removal and reuse is easily done.


The clear hooks are small, hold 0.5lbs of weight and are super handy for hanging small items, such as my little hand towel. I plan on using some of them to hang my jewellery around my bedroom mirror. Damage free hanging, Hurray!

The next room to be Command-ed was our bathroom. I have just finished the bathroom and I am so happy with the way it looks at the moment. The bathroom is tiny and there isn’t much space in there at all. The bathroom door isn’t much use for hanging towels or dressing gowns on because it opens inwards and sits against the window, so anything hung on the door would just stop the door from even opening. Our bathroom is so small because it is a bedroom conversion. Our house was built in the 1920’s before bathrooms were a ‘thing’, so one of the bedrooms was chopped in half to make room.

command hooks white

I’m quite particular about keeping the house as close to its original state as possible, and would not want to remove any other the original features. The little airing cupboard still has the same door as the day it was fitted. The original latch is still in place and there’s even a little screw someone has added to hang clothes onto. Sadly that little screw, is freakin’ tiny and holds next to nothing. We needed a bigger option!


The general purpose Command hooks in white come as a pack of 2, and hold 3.0lbs in weight (ideal for my big hefty dressing gown) and are just as easy to hang as the small clear hooks mentioned above. The hooks work on the same peel-and-stick design as the small hooks, but you can slide the hook up to remove it from it’s strip if need be. The hooks themselves feel light, but still strong. Even though these white hooks are packaged as being a ‘designer hook’, the style will suit any house. A simple, classic design.


To remove the hooks, you simple pull the tab on the sticky part of the hook (the bit which touches the wall) directly down, not towards you. The tab stretches so far I felt like it was about to ping me in the eye (or that the length of my arms would fail me) but the tab slowly came free with ease, and left no sticky patch, no oily mark (unlike blue tack can often do) and it was impossible to see where the hook had originally been.

The pack of white hooks come in a set of 2, and you get 4 sticky strips so you can reuse the hooks another time if you decide to remove them from the original position you chose.

Command don’t just sell classic hooks, the range is quite extensive. There are ceiling hooks (available in a 3 pack) which shall certainly be used at Christmas to hang my decorations up, because no way am I stabbing thumb tacks into my newly painted ceiling. A 3 pack of party balloon bunchers (yeah, you heard me) for gathering 3 balloons and sticking them either to your front door or walls- genuinely blew my mind at what an amazing idea this is. Also in the party range is a 4 pack of Banner Anchors. The photo may explain these better than my words can, but they are essentially round plastic knobs to drape bunting over… YOU CAN PUT BUNTING ON YOUR WALLS AND IT LOOKS AWESOME, TRUST.


There are also packs of teeny tiny hooks (20 pack) or hanging really, really small things, like even more Christmas decorations, and even though the packs all come with spare sticky strips, you can even buy top-up packs of strips (useful if you are a really indecisive human being like myself, who changes her mind every week, as to where I want my dressing gown hung.)

The Command range, has actually really impressed me with their clever ideas, giving people options that won’t ruin their new decoration job or annoy their land lord.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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