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There is a shop tucked away somewhere in the deep murky depths of Milton Keynes. A shop in a loft  to be precise, and the area of MK is Little Brickhill. The 2 year old shop is one of mystery and wonder. A celebration of freaks, death and the bizarre. The shop is Crystal Curios Emporium and it is the only one of its kind around these parts. You certainly wont find any glass eyeballs or eerie photographs of dead Victorians any where else in MK, well none that you can buy anyway.

weird shop MK

This blog never really gives much of an insight into my freaky interests. I am always seen as ‘just mum’ on here, But those of you who know me in person, know that I like my things a little bit creepy. My pretty little bookshelf is decorated with various skulls and dead stuffed things… along side pictures of my kids and little cute ornaments. Yup… I like things a little bit strange….


As you head up the stairs into the shop, you are welcomed by strange oddities hung from the walls and stair bannister… just to give you a little warm up for things to come. When you step into the shop, prepare yourself for a little squeal (of delight from me and listen out for the squeal from my daddy’s wallet) before your eyes, is just every surface and wall space covered in the beautifully bizarre.


The shop specialises in amazingly prepared taxidermy, but not just your usual owls, deer and buffalo heads. As you can see above you can grab a unique piece of stuffed art! When you have a look around the shop, you will notice rare stuffed magical creatures such as flying Crabbits (crow/rabbits) and Crazy Squirrelpie’s (squirrel/magpie) you get my drift….

funny taxidermy to buy

stuffed duckling

There are always plenty of duckling’s too for you to take home at just a cheeeep (cheap! Geddit!?) £9.99, I think a small army of cute looking ducklings would look Quackers on the mantle piece…. OK I’ll stop now with the crap jokes. Here is my little Quackmire (sorry I couldn’t resist. I promise, no more) sat in his tea cup on my book shelf.

human skull to buy

If you don’t fancy dead stuffed things, you can pick up some incredible Momento Mori, including some coffin plaques and even some amazing Victorian photographs on the dead aka post-mortem photography… taken in hope that the soul of the dead would live on through the image.

gimp mask to buy

Or maybe pick up a pretty dress from the wardrobe to buy for your Xmas party! Or perhaps if a dress isn’t your thing… a gimp mask, again for that party, your boss will LOVE it! But then again, if you are struggling to think of that perfect gift for the virgin in your life, get them something that will REALLY turn them into a pussy magnet….. yup, that’s a magnet, and ‘that’s’ not mine. I swear.

vagina magnet mould

Ooh, I will add… If you see this driving around the town…. it’s only Ian doing is deliveries or collecting something new for his shop! Give him a friendly wave, but don’t forget to remove your hat!

hearse in MKIf you are interested in seeing what else Crystal Curios has to offer you, don’t forget to visit their Facebook page here.

The shop is ran by the lovely Ian, and is open Every weekend from 10am- 5pm and can open at other times by special request. If the shop does not stock what you are looking for they can also try their hardest to locate an item for you.

tel- 01525 261583 /   07921771719

George Farm, Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes, MK17 9LT

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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