My Cat Was A Mug Model

I was so happy when I found out that our 5 month old tortoiseshell kitten Poppy had be chosen to feature on an adorable set of His & Hers mugs. Or should I say, Hiss & Purrs! I wasn’t surprised though, shes far too pretty!

cat his and hers mugs

She is a very cute little kitten, unique markings and these great big bat like ears. She’s very slender and very pretty! No wonder she made a puurrrrfect model! Even if she doesn’t sit still for longer than 3 seconds at a time. Making all pictures of her near impossible to take!

The limited-edition mugs were designed by my brother-in-law and I was so chuffed when I found out that he had chosen Poppy to be the feature face. I think she knows how special she is, as she seems to be strutting around the house in an even more princess-like manner since finding out that she is famous. She’s feline fabulous, darling!

simoney cat mug

She loves her new mug, which comes as part of a 2 piece set. So why stick to the traditional His & Hers mug sets in this modern age? Go Internet-cool with a set of Hiss & Purrs set. If you like the idea of sipping a nice brew from these cute mugs head over to Simoney and grab a set for yourselves. And you can think of me every time to boil the kettle! 😉

Your Cat Magazine online are also running a competition to win a set of the fun limited-edition Hiss & Purrs mugs, and all details can be found here.


Update: You can now purchase these mugs directly through Simoney – click here


Hazel Newhouse

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