#BLOGTOBER DAY 10: One thing I can’t live without

Everyday through the month of October I shall be publishing one post a day, for the #Blogtober16 challenge. A different topic every day, hosted by Hexmum.

I cannot live without… my garden.

Obviously I couldn’t live without food, water, and coffee. Warm clothes, a house and my family. But I really couldn’t cope without my garden. You may have read recently that we have just moved into our new home 7 weeks ago. Our new place has a massive garden that we are slowly battling with. The grass felt as high as the sky and there was a LOT of hidden horrors within the garden. Some of those horrors were quite dangerous (and there have been a few injuries so far, with blood). But It’s all ours now and we can do what we like with it. Our previous home had a garden but it was tiny. It felt suffocating with no sunshine and in the winter months the grass just turned to mud. The chickens, cats and dogs all shared the same space and we used the tiny front slither of shingle to pot up our fruit and veg for growing. It was a massive failure and it was getting me down. It looked like I didn’t care about the space because it was constantly being abused.

2 of my 10 ladies.
2 of my 10 ladies.

But now, we have so much space to fill. The chickens have more room (and grass), the dogs can run riot and the kids have already scattered toys across the garden in style. We have chopped down a massive buddleia that went a bit AWOL and that has opened up the side of the property loads too. Most importantly I am already growing food out there. In just 7 weeks I have a glut of Swiss Chard that is pick-and-come-again weekly and potatoes are growing really well ready for picking at Christmas time. All in just 7 short weeks. We still need to get our greenhouse up ASAP before the weather turns too cold, and the shed needs water proofing. A new fence needs running around the garden too as the current one is literally rotting out.

Swiss Chard; Bright Lights can be found in our garden atm.
Swiss Chard; Bright Lights can be found in our garden atm.

Over winter we plan on building 6 or 7 raised beds, and making use of every inch of soil possible. Our Urban Mini Farm is well under way. I could not live without my garden because it gives me such peace sitting out there (watching our hedgehog at night!) and a huge sense of achievement at what we have created so far. The garden is unrecognisable. And that’s just the back garden! Out the front is a very similar story. Except chickens and food have been replaced with roses and dahlias. The bulbs have been planted for spring, and there is even a willow tree sapling starting to take root.

pansies and violas



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