Sticking To Your Resolutions This Year – You CAN do it!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you always make a resolution at New Year. Even when you don’t tell people, there’s every chance that you will have an internal resolution; one that you keep to yourself and don’t tell anyone. New Year’s resolutions are there to help us to affect positive changes, to give us a goal. Humans always need a goal; something to aim for and feel good for achieving. The thing is, the resolutions we spew out are usually the same ones every time.

We want to lose weight. We want to get rich. We want to decorate the house and FINALLY add that extension we want so much. The most common resolutions that people vow to uphold include:

  • To exercise more
  • To see family more
  • To learn a new skill
  • To give up smoking/drinking/gambling, etc
  • To be more positive
  • To decorate the house
  • To travel to new places

These are always so full of promise, so much so, you buy the tools you need for the extension and the redecoration. You invest in the 14mm stainless steel tube needed to make the right furniture and you buy the buckets of paint – and then it gets to June and all of the things you bought are still in the garage waiting to be used. You vow to lose weight, and then you end up gaining a few kilos over the course of the six months instead. It is not easy to stick to those resolutions, with all the will in the world!

If you are finally ready to realize your resolutions for 2020, let’s take a look at how you can get it done!

Get Ready For A Change

It is never easy to break a habit and diving headlong into your promises for the New Year means being committed to the changes. Before you jump in, you need to take a big step back and get ready. So, think about the following things:

  • What did you achieve last year?
  • Did you make progress in some areas?
  • Where was there no progress?

Your resolutions will usually land in the areas in which you did not do well, but while you think about your lack of progress, you should also think about how well you have done throughout the year. Keep your resolution for 2020 in the forefront of your mind, so if you are decorating the house, think about the changes you will be able to embrace rather than the problems you could have along the way. Staying positive is a must, and make sure that the changes that you plan to make are keepers.

Choose Goals That’ll Motivate You!

Your New Year’s Resolution should be one that makes you feel good. It should make you feel motivated to get going everyday, and it should be for yourself. If you set goals that can be dictated by anyone else, you’re going to fight against the pressure. If you want your house to sell, your resolution would be to create an environment to sell the house. You need to have the right support every step of the way. The best way to ensure that your resolutions are motivational ones is to make sure that they align with the following ideals:

  • Your priorities
  • Your dreams
  • Your goals
  • What you aspire to

Make Your Resolutions Manageable

When you choose your resolutions for 2020, you shouldn’t spread yourself too thinly. It’s nice to have a lot of goals and habits you’d like to change but it’s not so nice to put pressure on yourself to learn ten languages and give your home a makeover. Your resolutions have to be as manageable as possible so that you can maintain it throughout the whole year. The best thing to do is to make a shortlist of resolutions that you would be able to manage in the year ahead. These should be a priority for you and the key to this is understanding how you should prioritize. All you need is a pad and pen to write a list on, and you could write every single thing that you want to accomplish – and that you CAN accomplish in the time!

Your Resolutions Should Be Specific

Do you resolve to sell your house? To lose some weight? To travel more? These goals are great, but they aren’t specific and can lead to you not following through with them. You may want to lose weight, but how much weight? You want to sell your house, but what do you plan to do to upgrade it? A SMART resolution is one that is much simpler to stick to and the framework for a SMART goal is the best thing to do. It should be:

  • Specific. You need to be very clear about your resolution and how it’s going to be the best thing that you do. You can say you’d like to be healthy, but you can be more specific and say you’d like to lose thirty pounds! Wording is key for success.
  • Measurable. You should always try to quantify your goals so that you can have a goal to aim for in the long term. Your year should be focused on that goal and achieving it should come in time.
  • Attainable. At all times, your goals should be possible for you to achieve. Yes, they should be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that they should be impossible for you to do.
  • Relevant. What would be the point in setting some goals that won’t work for your resolutions? Keep all of your resolutions relevant to what you need. This carefully aligns with staying as motivated as possible.
  • Timely. Your goals should be met within a year, so by 2021. Give yourself a timeframe for achievement and the deadline will help you to go toward a date for success.

Make Your Goals Smaller

When you decide on your resolutions, make sure that you break these goals down into smaller ones. This will make them more manageable and not so overwhelming. It’s helpful to divide the big goals into smaller ones to make them easier. Do, if you want to do your home justice and upgrade each room, then take it room by room and area by area. If you want to lose some weight, aim for a pound at a time to achieve. When you break your goals into smaller pieces, they’re easier to swallow. You should consider how you want them broken down, so let’s say you want to sell your house. You can’t just sell your house – there are steps involved. You have to:

  • Make sure your house is upgraded room by room
  • You have to speak to estate agents
  • You have to get your home valued
  • You need to find a new property
  • You must advertise
  • And then you can hold viewings with a view to sell!

You can break your house sale up into steps that go month by month and make sense for you. When you have a plan for your resolutions, you can stick to them and make sure that they match your timeline. The planning that you put in for your New Year’s Resolutions is going to dictate the success of them, and that’s why lists are your friends at this point in your year!

Resolutions are supposed to be something to motivate and excite you – make them work for you and you’re onto a winner!


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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