50 unusual uses for Coconut oil

Coconut oil is BIG at the moment. It seems to be the answer to every one of life’s problems. Bad skin? Use coconut oil. Bad hair? Use coconut oil. Bad boyfriend? Use coconut oil.

Coconut oil is simply pressed from the meat of a coconut (AKA The Plant Of Life) and jarred for us all to enjoy. I like to use organic, raw coconut oil because you cut out the nasty ‘refinement’ a chemical method of extracting the oil from the meat. Once upon a time, science buffs thought that this fatty oil was not all that good, until they realised that the all natural saturated fats found in it were really quite good for us. You see, not all saturated fats are the same. Some are goodies and some are baddies. I’m also not great at science, so if you’d like to read more of the science-y-bit, take a look here.

With the launch of the new super organic-raw-cold-pressed-virgin-soil-association-approved Aldi Coco-Loco oil as a regular buy now found in all Aldi supermarkets, I decided to put together a list of 50 uses for the amazing miracle stuff. Aldi’s coconut oil is smooth, and tastes very coconutty, unlike some of the other oils on the market, and there are many of them!

Also, scroll down and find a recipe for yummy and light coconut oil pancakes! hmmmmmm

  1. Lip balm During the cold winter months our lips can take a real battering from the cold wind and the hot central heating, throw a nasty cold virus into the mix and our lips become sore, cracked and often split. Simply wipe your finger in the jar, and the smallest amount of oil will soften your lips and give a healthy shine
  2. Hair conditioner for a deep intense condition, rub a small amount of oil through damp hair and leave on for a few hours (or overnight) before washing out. It might take a few washes as it can stick around, but its all for the best!
  3. Nipple cream Breastfeeding mums can ditch the animal by-product lanolin for a more natural remedy, and no need to wipe off before feeding either!
  4. Head lice treatment Most kids will catch head lice at sometime during their time at school. Mix some oil with tea tree oil and rub through wet hair, leave on for as long as possible before combing through. The lice and eggs will slip right out and you can be happy knowing that you used no scary chemicals on your little angels heads.
  5. Frying As a replacement for ‘normal’ oils, with less nasty bad calories. If you are looking for meal flavours, Check out Spice N Tice.
  6. Baking As above!
  7. Coffee creamer A spoonful in a black coffee makes a lovely creamer alternative.
  8. Nappy cream Just rub it onto your baby’s bottom to ease nappy rash Coconut oil is antifungal and antibacterial and will not harm cloth nappies either.
  9. For energy A spoonful provides an amazing source of triglycerides for a super energy boost when you’re feeling a little sluggish and need a pick-me-up.
  10. Mouthwash A teaspoon allowed to melt and swilled around the mouth supports oral health tremendously. It even whitens teeth and fights plaque!
  11. Thrush treatment Just put it up there.. yes there.
  12. Lubricant Great during sex, and it wont cause any uncomfortable imbalances, but I have recently heard coconut oil can break down latex. So be careful!
  13. Moisturiser Face, hands, elbows. Just a little goes a long way. If you baby came out looking really dry and you have no olive oil, cover your baby in coconut oil, it does just as good of a job!
  14. Massage oil Ease tired and sore muscles with this tropical rub. Add some essential oils if you wish for a more aromatic treat.
  15. Athletes foot rub it on the affected area for relief.
  16. Curb appetite Word has it, if you take a spoonful before meal times, you wont over indulge on your main meal.
  17. Sore throat Possibly my favourite use. Let a tea spoon of coconut oil run down the back of your throat and let it work its magic.
  18. Chewing gum removal Rub it onto stuck gum in hair, carpets or anywhere else that it doesn’t belong and let it soak in for a minute or two before wiping the gum away. The oil breaks down the stringiness of the gum for easier removal.
  19. Cradle cap Rub a tiny amount onto baby’s scalp to ease cradle cap. It can be applied as often as you like with no side affects.
  20. Shaving cream Your razor will glide slowly if you replace your chemical ridden cream for an all natural one.
  21. Chicken pox coconut oil applied to itchy dried out spots can relieve the itch and moisturise the skin.
  22. Eczema Just a little amount of oil rubbed over the affected area can give a relief to the itch
  23. Sunburn As above!
  24. Haemorrhoids As above! … So many uses.. yet so little that you have to actually do!
  25. Acid reflux When suffering from nasty heart burn, just swallow a big spoonful and it will work its magic.
  26. Boost metabolism A spoonful before meals can curb your appetite and stop you from over eating. It also is a super member of the Chain Triglycerides family and positively works at boosting metabolism.
  27. Soothe psoriasis Again… just rub it on. The antibacterial properties in the oil are amazing.
  28. Boost breast milk supply Nursing mothers (myself included) have started to notice a steady increasing milk production since making the magic oil part of their daily routine, when taken orally.
  29. Hot drink to beat a cold Add a spoonful to hot lemon, or even just hot water. inhale the steam as you sip the drink for instant congestion relief, or long teem to help fight the germs.
  30. Cold sores Dab some oil on as soon as you start to feel the cold sore arriving and keep taking several teaspoons daily to help fight the herpes virus internally!
  31. On cuticles Our hands take a beating daily, from washing up dishes and our daily workloads, our nails are quite often ignored and left unloved. Massage into your cuticles and nails for healthy looking strong and shiny nails and our cuticles looking soft, strong and supple. And healthy cuticles promote healthy nail growth.
  32. Flea treatment Because coconut oil is a completely natural product, it’s safe for our pets too. Shop purchased flea treatments (especially those from discount stores) can often cause skin irritations and even seizures in some pets, and the risk of side effects rise if the weight of your pet is not correct to the dosage of the treatment. Simply take a little oil and warm it between your hands until soft, then massage over your pets coat. Do this outside because you may see the fleas just jump off straight away! No nasty chemicals, and your pet gets a good massage in the process.
  33. DIY lubricant If you need to loosen a tight screw or nut, mix a little oil with water and simply spray onto the stuck item, you should be able to undo the screw much easier.
  34. Tanning oil If you are a sun worshipper and aim to get a healthy even tan, just run coconut oil over your skin before going outside into the sun. Just remember not to get burnt else you can increase your risk of developing skin cancer, and no sexy tan is worth it!
  35. Winter skin All 3 of my daughters have really struggled with winter skin this year. Being in a warm house with the heating on, then getting blasted by the cold weather, then back into the warm heated classroom has caused their skin to dry out, and become quite chapped.
  36. Itchy pet skin Just like when using for the flea treatment, just rub your pets affected area with a little oil, to sooth any itching. If the itch is suborn and [ersists fr a few days or your pets nibbles at the area, do take them to the vets for treatment.
  37. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Because this super oil, is good for your brain, as well as all over your body!
  38. Soothe itchy bug bites With summer nights approaching, we may find ourselves enjoying time in the garden around a BBQ with friends a bottle of beer. But, many of us may wake up the next morning with a few bug bites. Dab soe coconut oil onto any bites to relieve the nasty itch.
  39. Fight epilepsy Many people struggle from epileptic seizures, and studies have shown that those who are living with epilepsy and who regularly add coconut oil into their diets have reduced the amount of seizures that they have.
  40. Frizzy hair buster Woken up with frizzy hair? Smooth a tiny amount of oil through yur hair for instant smoothness and no more fly away strands.
  41. Dry nostrils Whats worse than having a cold? Having a cold, then getting a sore dry nose from all of the blowing that goes with it. Rubbing coconut oil around your nostrils will sooth any dry skin and ease the red soreness.
  42. Ring removal Put on a bit of weight or tried on your best mates engagement ring and got the ring stuck? We’ve all been there. Theres’ some fancy trick floating around the internet that requires some string and Asian charm. Instead just lube your finger up with the magic oil instead.
  43. Stinging nettle soother If you haven’t got any dock leaves to hand, gently rubbing coconut oil over the prickly rash will ease the sting.
  44. Preserve eggs Many eggs that are bought in a store are washed, before packing. Washing an egg removes the ‘bloom’, an invisible layer of protection that naturally surround the egg. Wiping a thin layer of coconut oil over your eggs can increase their shelf life by weeks! The il replaces the Bloom and stops oxygen and bacteria from penetrating the shell and spoiling your eggs.
  45. Remove rust If you accidently left a screwdriver, or a pair of scissors out side in the rain, chances are that they will turn orange before your very eyes. To restore your items back to their shiny metal self, smply wipe some oil over the rust, let it sit for an hour before wiping back off again and given a quick polish (don’t use polish because the oil will do the job).
  46. Tattoo moisturiser As tattoos age, they can start looking a little dull and far less vibrant than they did back in the cool-years of youth. I am pretty covered in tattoos and my oldest tat is now coming p to 10 years old, and it is just starting to look a little fuzzy. A quick rub with some oil, massaged gently onto my skin brings the colour back and my skin looking happy and healthy again. Don’t bother buying expensive tat wax ever again!
  47. Squeaky doors and gates Mix some oil in warm water and spray onto a squeaky hinge, the squeak will vanish instantly.
  48. Healthy eyelashes and eyebrows My nan used to swear that rubbing Vaseline into her eye lashes and eyebrows nightly was the reason she had such amazing eye fuzz. Thick, strong eyelashes, and wonderfully shaped eye-brows were such a strong beauty feature for her. While she thought it was great, rubbing Vaseline into (ok, not into) my eyes doesn’t really seem that appealing. But, coconut oil makes a great alternative, that definitely works.
  49. Beard ‘wax’ Many men feel the need to fashion themselves on tree-surgeons and pirates these days, and with that ultimate fashion #LifeGoal comes the need for some serious beard styling. Oil is the perfect product as it strengthens the hair, gives a nice shine and promotes healthy growth too.
  50. Just eat it with a spoon! if you want to look good on the outside you have to start from the inside, and sitting at your laptop writing a list of uses for coconut oil, while eating a jar of the good stuff, seemed like the perfect inspiration.

Coconut Oil Pancakes

ALDI Coco Loco

Serves: 4 (makes about 12 pancakes)

Prep: 10 mins (if that!)

Cooking: 20 mins (again, if that!)

You’ll Need:

100g Self Raising Flour

1 egg (or enough egg replacer for 1 egg)

200ml of Soy or almond milk

Aldi dried fruit mix (we like the tropical mix bag)

Coco Loco coconut oil

How to do it:

Heat a little coconut oil into a frying pan. You won’t need much because with coconut oil, a little really does go a long way.

Crack the egg (or make up the egg replacer) in a bowl and whisk in the milk and beat well. Sift in the flour and give it another good mix. Put some elbow grease into it!

Ladle some of the mix into the hot hot hot pan, and cook for 1 minute.

FLIP THAT PANCAKE WITH SOME EPIC SKILLS. Try not to hit the ceiling, or your face.

Cook the other side for one minute.

Put on a plate.

Repeat, until you have a massive pile of yummy pancakes.

To serve:

Throw a load of topical dried fruit, or whatever else takes your fancy. An ex of mine liked marmite on pancakes… no lie. Euck!

Eat until you feel full.

Feels good doesn’t it?!


Aldi’s Coco Loco Coconut Oil is just £2.99 for a 300 ml jar, and is now a regular buy in all Aldi stores. It can be found in the baking section – incase you were wondering what aisle it belonged on!! I found the Aldi oil very coconut-ty in taste, unlike some of the previous coconut oils that I have purchased in the past, which have been quite bland. A great value for money product, that is worth its weight in gold.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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