5 Quick Dinner Ideas For People Short Of Time

When you don’t have much time, it’s easy to fall back on just ordering takeaways or cooking microwave meals. However, there are some great recipes that take no time at all to cook, plus, they’re healthy and tasty, so you can save your pizza for a weekend treat!


Chips on the side

You can bulk out any meal with a portion of delicious chips. From the pub classic of ham, egg and chips, to serving them up with homemade burgers, they’re simple to cook and don’t take long in the oven. Whether you opt for the quick and easy McCain frozen chips or you want to make your own sweet potato fries, they’re always a welcome addition to any meal!

Gluten free wraps

A quick and easy wrap can be a perfect dinner, if you stuff them with some filling and tasty ingredients. With these eggy wraps with bacon, avocado and tomato, instead of using a tortilla wrap to hold your fillings, simply fry up an egg-only omelette. It’s healthy, quick and easy to make and with eggs being a cost-effective component, you can be super creative with your fillings. Even if you’ve got fussy mouths to feed, it’ll go down a storm if you try out some fancy wrap recipes. How about a spinach and ricotta one, for the veggies?

Ten-minute quinoa salad

For a filling, healthy lunch, cook up your quinoa and set about adding tasty, colourful foods to it. From artichokes and peppers to onions and beans, it’s an easy to way to get your recommended five a day and because you can serve it cold, it’s easy to make the night before and save for work lunches, picnics and barbecues. You can swap in various different ingredients to suit the people you’re cooking for and because of this, it’s a nice, flexible recipe to have up your sleeve.

Spinach lasagne

Yep, you read that right! Even lasagne can be a quick, easy dish with the right ingredients. Use no-boil lasagne sheets to serve up this homely, comfort food. It’s perfect for cold winter nights when you need a filling, warm meal to keep you going. It doesn’t include any meat either, so it’s a fab healthy option and a great recipe for when you’re hosting veggie friends. The flavoursome sauce makes up for any lack of meat, so you still get a great rich taste. This recipe only takes ten minutes to prep.

Healthy chicken and veggies

Sometimes you just need a really hearty meal to finish your day with and the gorgeous flavours in this roasted chicken and vegetable dish are exactly what you’ve been looking for. With five different vegetables all cooked together with your chicken, you can’t go wrong. This one-pan dish isn’t just easy to prepare and cook, but it also means you won’t have much washing up to do afterwards. Perfect!

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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