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4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Party Extra Fun

Now, don’t get us wrong: the vast majority of weddings are fun. People are in a good mood, and, well, it’s a wedding! How could it be anything other than a good time? However, it is true that not all weddings are equally fun; some are more exciting than others. If you want to make your big day stand out in a sea of big days, then you’ll want to take additional steps to add the fun factor. But how do you do this? We take a look at four ways below.

Who’s on the Guestlist?

It’s the people that make the wedding! As such, you’ll want to think long and hard about who you’re putting on your wedding guest list. We’re not saying that you should pick only fun people and leave the more boring ones at home, not at all. It’s just about getting the right balance of ages, backgrounds, and so on, and also making sure that everyone who’s coming will feel good. If you’re inviting someone from the office out of a sense of obligation, then there’s a chance that neither they nor you will feel relaxed at the wedding. Get it right!

Bringing the Entertainment

You’ve gathered all the people together, now’s the time to start enjoying the wedding! To do this, you’ll need a little bit of help. You’ll need to have a great venue, to begin with, and then provide a few drinks and music. To get the party started with a bang, look at hiring a band from A live band belting out the classic hits will also get people up and moving around. Once the band is finished, it’ll be time for the DJ to take over. One way to make sure people are up, dancing, and having fun is to ask your guests for a track they’d like to hear played. No-one’s going to stay sitting down if there’s track after track of moveable beats filling the room.

Children and Taxis

Children can be a very fun addition to any wedding, but it’s also true that they are, you know, children, and that means they’re going to get cranky pretty early on. And when that happens, the parents usually look at leaving, just because of their child! You can keep the party going by hiring a communal babysitter to look after the children in a quiet room on the property. It’ll keep the parents on the dancefloor, which is just where you want them to be.

Midnight Relaxing

People are happy to have fun…but they’re also human, and that means that they’re going to get tired after a while. When they do, they might just look at heading home. In fact, they’re probably not even that tired…they just need a little rest. Make sure you’re providing a chill-out zone where people can sit down, escape the music for a moment, and eat a bite or two. They’ll come back to the dancefloor, ready to have fun.



*Header image credit to good friend of mine (and beautiful bride) Rasha Swais.


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