4 Simple Ways To Add More Beans and Pulses To Your Diet

Beans and pulses are some of the healthiest cooking ingredients out there, but they are often overlooked. They’re packed full of nutrients and they’re a great source of protein, not to mention they’re delicious. If you want to eat a healthy, balanced diet you should always include more beans and pulses. They’re a good option if you want to cut down on meat too. The problem is, we don’t traditionally use them that much in the UK so people don’t know what to do with their beans and pulses (aside from beans on toast). If you want to add more beans and pulses to your diet, here are a few simple ways to do it.

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Use Them To Bulk Out Salads

It’s really easy to cook beans and pulses because they don’t need much time at all. One great way to eat more of them is by using them to bulk out salads. All you have to do is, cook your beans or pulse up until they are tender, drain them and then mix with your salad leaves. It’s a simple way to transform a boring salad into something hearty, delicious, and nutritious. If you’re looking for an even quicker dinner idea, you can throw some canned beans in a salad without even cooking them first. 

Add To Chili Or Curry Recipes

Another great way to use beans and pulses is by adding them to chili or curry recipes. They’re packed full of protein, which is perfect for curries because they’re already pretty nutritious. As well as this, they also go perfectly with spices like cumin and turmeric (which are also good for you). Not only that but beans and pulses make the dish seem more filling so you can reduce the amount of meat in your meal without realising it if you eat them with other ingredients.

Put Them In Paella

Paella is a delicious dish that can be transformed by adding beans and pulses. They add so much to the flavour of the paella and a lot of traditional spanish foods make use of things like chickpeas or Pinto beans. You can swap out some of the other ingredients like chorizo sausage and chicken and you’ll find your paella tastes as good with just beans and pulses in it. You can experiment with different types of beans and pulses in there to change up the flavors and colors too.

Roast Them As A Snack

Roasted beans and pulses are a delicious, healthy snack that you can make in 30 minutes. All you need to do is put them on a baking tray with some olive oil and spices and then into an oven for half an hour. You can eat them as they are, but they’re also delicious served over rice or used in salads. If you want something really simple to take to work with you, just roast a bunch of chickpeas at the start of the week and add them to your lunch during the week whenever you need a quick burst of protein.

These are all simple ways to get more beans and pulses into your diet, so you can be healthier and save a bit of money at the same time.

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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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