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Kids plus food often equals mess. They can become bored and start playing with their food. That plate of delicious healthy food can quickly end up on the floor, in their hair and rarely in their tummies where it is supposed to be.

CleverstiX have managed to create a fun way for kids to eat, while improving hand-eye coordination, dexterity and of course getting kids eating their dinners! The award winning Child Development Cutlery uses a special ergonomic chop-stick style pincer design and is suitable for all cuisines including pasta, chips, fruit and vegetables… anything really, although soup may be a little too tricky! Due to their fun designs us parents can relax a little and enjoy watching our kids learn a new way to eat while knowing that little known to the kids, they are pracising their fine motor skills… something they will benefit from for their whole life. Did you know, using chopsticks to eat is actually exercise? It takes 30 joints and 50 muscles in the body to eat using them. We have been using chopsticks for 3,200 years… That’s a LOT of noodles. And there are 5 million Koreans using CleverstiX.

Cleverstix review

There are 3 superb designs; Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda and even a special science museum exclusive robot design! CleverstiX are also an ideal stocking filler (or pass the parcel prize!) that’s bound to get kids interested.

Willow and Olive put CleverstiX to the test! It was surprising how they picked up how to use CleverstiX in seconds. I just had to show them for the first time how to put their fingers through the dedicated holes and they soon picked it up from there. Kids are incredible at adapting and can master things much quicker than us adults (It took me a few minutes of practice to get to grips with the chopsticks, yet the kids took no time at all).  Because of the toy-like appeal, they instantly make meal times fun, It was amazing to actually get some quiet-time during dinner, the kids often play up and play with their food, but using the chopsticks meant so much concentration went into eating their meal. The whole plate was cleared! At first I thought it was a one off as the CleverstiX was a new novelty, but we have since used the Cleverstix for 5 dinners (ranging from pizza and chips, to tuna and rice) and each time our meals were more pleasant, we could chat and the kids cleared all of the food from their plates. Willow is always asking for her CleverstiX now each dinner time and has really master the art of using chop sticks.

cleverstix review

As your child grows and develops you can remove the supporting rings from the CleverstiX, so that your child is constantly learning and skills are developing as they grow. At the moment CleverstiX are only available in a right-handed version, but the brand are soon to be rolling out a left-handed set very soon.

CleverstiX are also ideal for children who may struggle with conditions such as dyspraxia, DCD, Autism (Olive is being tested for dyspraxia soon) since CleverstiX are designed to build children’s fine motor strength & skills, particularly during the key ages of 3-7 years old, the gradual reduction in dropped food results in a less exhausting post-meal clean-up!


CleverstiX currently retail at £7.99 each, and you can choose from sweet Hello Kitty, Kung Fu Panda or the Science Museum exclusive, robot design. CleverstiX can be purchased from the Online shop, and various eateries.

So, would you like to win a pair of CleverstiX? Just follow the form below, to be in with a chance of winning, just follow the instructions below! UK residents only please 🙂
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Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Rachel Craig says:

    CleverStiX Science Museum, as seems suitable for a boy of girl.

  2. michelle banks says:

    my grandaughter would love these!

  3. MichelleD says:

    My little girl would love a pair of these! She’s like the Hello Kitty ones!

  4. lauren Tourle says:

    my lil one would love the kung fu panda ones, we love using chopsticks and trying new food so these would be great practice for my lil one 🙂

  5. hello kitty ones would be lovely

  6. laura stewart says:

    love the hello kitty ones, great for my daughter xx

  7. lynn heath says:

    I would love the Hello kitty ones for my daughter, so that she could give chopsticks a go when we have noodles for tea!

  8. Would love to win the Kung Fu Panda ones. My son is a really fussy eater and this looks like it could make meal times fun rather than a fight!

  9. Rachel Butterworth says:

    I like the Science Museum design.

  10. Harriet Higgs says:

    The Hello Kitty chopsticks are so cute my daughter would adore them

  11. claire griffiths says:

    love the kung food panda one would love to win for my son

  12. My little lady would love to try the hello kitty ones x

  13. aaron broad says:

    The Kung Fu Panda one is hilarious

  14. I would like to win for my daughter and she loves Hello Kitty

  15. Nicola Holland says:

    My son would love the science museum robot ones 🙂

  16. Cheryl Kean says:

    these are fantastic !!! love the hello kitty ones for my little sushi princess 🙂

  17. Kung Fu Panda design would help our youngsters master the art of chopsticks

  18. jo liddement says:

    Kung Fu Panda and we love Chinese and Asian food so would love the children to know how to use chop sticks

  19. Kim Neville says:

    My son likes the Kung Fu panda ones and would help strengthen his motor skills too

  20. Sharon Mclauchlan says:

    Science Museum design

  21. Diana Socha says:

    my son loves the blue one

  22. Laura Grayless says:

    My niece would adore the Hello Kitty set, it would also get her excited about eating food which is currently a bit of a struggle

  23. Natalie Gillham says:

    My niece would love hello kitty ones, it will make her feel grown up to be able to eat chinese like the chinese 🙂

  24. Christina Cooke says:

    I’d love to win as I’m home schooling my eight year old at the moment and we’re learning all about China – including an upcoming Chinese food lesson which the Cleverstix would be ideal for! I suppose I have to say the Hello Kitty design is my favourite, to keep said eight year old happy!

  25. Kirsty Woods says:

    Would love the hello kitty for my daughter, she watches her dad use chop sticks and it would be great if she had her own 🙂

  26. Vickie Jackson says:

    Definitely the science museum ones 🙂
    That way my daughter and son could share

  27. Hayley Todd says:

    I would love to win these for my little one! Not only do they look like great fun, but they also have fantastic developmental purpose! My little girl would love the Hello Kitty ones!

  28. melanie stirling says:

    I’d like the Hello Kitty ones for my niece,she would enjoy using these.

  29. becci cleary says:

    I like the Hello Kitty ones – my 5 year old would love them even more 🙂

  30. Natalie Crossan says:

    The Kung fu panda one 😀

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