Win: Lego Movie DVD

We love film in the Newhouse Family household, and so, today, I’ve got a copy of the New Lego Movie DVD to give away to one lucky winner.


This was the last film I went to see at the cinema – and the first film I’d been to see since well before my first daughter was born.

Since then, we moved our 2000+ dvd collection into storage (it’s amazing how quickly dvd’s can accumulate when you buy second hand films from Cash Generator or similar stores) and kept out just a handful of the kids favourites.

Anyway, if you’d like to be in with a chance to win a new copy of the Lego Movie on DVD, all you have to do is leave a comment below saying what you have always wanted to see released as an official Lego set.

Don’t forget that Lego have already released The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings and Ninja Turtles, so you’ll have to get your thinking caps on. Jay always wished they’d made official Lego Transformers.

Leave your comment below to enter – The Newhouse Family will vote for their favourite. The closing date is Monday 4th August (2014) and the winner will be notified directly.

Hazel x



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Ian Barnes says:

    James Bond

  2. sarah evans says:

    im a big disney fan so maybe Disneyland paris castle that would be amazing

  3. Amanda Beamish says:


  4. elaine dale says:

    ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES would be good

  5. verity armstrong says:

    Grandia. A ps1 game that I got my daughter’s name from 🙂

  6. Keith Hunt says:

    Titanic as we sailed to New York a number of times.

  7. Greig spencer says:

    lego jurassic park

  8. Sandra Lane says:

    Wallace and Gromit would be good on lego.

  9. Christopher Packer says:

    DR Whos Tardis would be fab in lego

  10. iain says:

    all old classic cars

  11. Ronnie Smith says:

    2001 A Spacy Odyssey

  12. clair downham says:

    coronation street

  13. sarah walton says:

    Michael Jackson over the yrs

  14. sarah walton says:

    Or all the classic Nintendo characters
    Mario and his lot
    Donkey Kong and his lot
    Sonic and his lot
    And any more I can’t think of

  15. Kym Robson says:

    The Flintstones – would be Yabba dabba doo fantastic

  16. Lynn Heath says:

    I think that it would be amazing if they could make a replica of our house and each of the kids, me and their Dad – That way they could play with us! (I dread to think how much a bespoke lego set like that would cost!!!)

  17. michelle banks says:

    Jaws would be awesome!

  18. laura stewart says:

    the Simpsons

  19. Claudia Dance says:

    ‘The Goonies’ Lego……for the kids AND the big kids!

  20. donna jones says:


  21. Angela Williams says:

    Jurassic park in lego

  22. Kelly Hanson says:

    Buffy the vampire slayer

  23. Kathy Cakebread says:


  24. A lego lion king set would be immense

  25. All the top Pop Stars !

  26. Caroline Kelly says:

    Lego Frozen…I’m sure it’s already on it’s way

  27. Emily Carter-Dunn says:

    Jurassic Park would be pretty cool.

  28. Heather Tinkler says:

    Lego Rugrats!! The lego reptar would be awesome!!

  29. id love a winnie the pooh lego just for me to build up

  30. Leanne Pollitt says:

    The Hobbit

  31. andrea lloyd says:

    star wars we like

  32. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    Twin peaks the LEGO set would be immense… they could have donuts, coffee and a mini log lady. Kyle McLaughlin had LEGO hair as agent Dale Cooper anyway so that would not take too much to recreate x 🙂

  33. fay says:

    A tricky one—- how about theme park lego which you can add your own rides to with moving parts.. big wheel.. pirate ship etc

  34. anita george says:

    for the girls x

    1. anita george says:

      my little pony would also be great with all the different types of ponys to make x

  35. Elizabeth yeates says:


  36. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    transformers -that would be innovative and very cool

  37. BECCI CLEARY says:

    I would like Super Mario, My Partner however would like Saving Private Ryan!!!

  38. Clare S says:

    I think Robin Hood would be a great Lego set, complete with Little John, Maid Marion and the Sheriff of Nottingham!

  39. Steve Miles says:

    Star Trek

  40. claire little says:

    anything from the marvel franchise 🙂

  41. Nicola Holland says:

    The Wombles 🙂

  42. Kirsty Sparks says:

    A Disneyland themed lego set would be awesome 🙂

  43. russell hutton says:

    a proper train set

  44. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’d love to see a Lego London Eye, something really challenging!



  46. carly bryan says:

    disneyland castle x

  47. Stephen Little says:

    Blade Runner


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lego Set would be great

  49. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    How about a Donny Darko set -Love to see the Rabbit in lego!

  50. Laura Walker says:

    Game of Thrones

  51. Joanne Benham says:

    Tomb Raider!

  52. adrian knox says:

    Lego Danger Mouse

  53. Rebecca Powell says:

    Disney’s Little Mermaid would be fantastic

  54. Sam Cornford says:

    The wizard of Oz for the kids.

    Die hard or Terminator for the big kids.

  55. simon hardy says:

    Football stadiums, teams and players

  56. Bridget Anderson says:

    Minecraft would be interesting, being as it’s almost like lego on screen. With creepers, Steve, sheep and pigs…

  57. Jenny Long says:

    A lego star trek set would be awesome

  58. caroline cordery says:

    Breaking Bad

  59. I wish they’d make Lego Disney! 🙂

  60. Kay Ellerby says:

    Racing stripes

  61. Olympic games

  62. Shelley Jones says:

    A Nintendo themed selection – Mario Bros. Edition and Sonic the Hedgehog edition, this would make my little boy so happy!!! They could even do Zelda!xx

  63. Kirsty Mills says:

    Disney princess characters

  64. Clare Davies says:

    Disney films all of them made into lego!! xx

  65. Lauren Old says:

    Game of Thrones!

  66. Rachel Craig says:

    Disney characters etc e.g. Tinkerbell.

  67. Kim W says:

    Buckingham Palace and grounds would be amazing

  68. Peter S says:

    Someone’s already mentioned it, but Only Fools and Horses would be great as a LEGO set. A lego-scale 3 wheeled van would be great!

  69. Graham Ashworth says:

    I would love to see the Top Gear presenters in Lego (with Lego Cars) 🙂

  70. Jackie Chapman says:

    Finding Nemo

  71. Denise C says:

    I would love to see Game Of Thrones Lego – it would have to be for adults only though.

  72. antonia j richardson says:

    tomb raider

  73. Angela Paull says:

    The Great British Bake Off in lego – imagine all the pretend cakes you could make 🙂

  74. Allan Fullarton says:

    James Bond

  75. adrian price says:


  76. Kirsty Partridge says:

    My son would love to see Henry Hugglemonster or Sonic the Hedgehog 🙂

  77. S says:

    Spyro the Dragon

  78. Samantha R says:

    Marvel Comics Character sets


    Star Wars chracters would be a favourite

  80. Champaklal Lad says:

    Hawaii 5’O and CSI

  81. lisa tebbutt says:

    i love to lego of FRIEND’S AND COFFEE SHOP

  82. David Winter says:

    Star Trek

  83. REBECCA EVANS says:

    The Rugrats! Lego is great floor play for my own dear rug rats and for those of us who have yet to grow out of enjoying all things Lego! Thanks for considering my effort!

  84. Helen Curnow says:

    Fireman Sam for my grandson would be awsome x

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