Why The Love For Learning Should Never Leave You

Throughout life, we will learn many things. More things than you could ever count. It can be quite fascinating to think that even your ability to read this post or interact with your computer wasn’t simply a skill you possessed, you had to learn how to do both of those things. Even walking was a strange skill to you at one point in your life, and now you likely take it for granted. Learning makes us everything we are. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to be an abject scholar to truly actualize yourself. Simply learning to be a little more patient can have more value than reading one hundreds academic journals, and there are many different forms of intelligence.

But the love for learning is the thing that can help you move forward in life. The love for learning should never leave you. The moment it does, you will stagnate. Does this mean you have to work hard to become better every single day? Of course, no. You can rest when appropriate and when you need it. But it’s also worthwhile to take a proactive approach to your learning, and try to always develop, even in the little ways that you can. This way, looking back, you will always see just have much you have grown.

You Can Always Use New Skills

You might be stunned as to how new skills and opportunities can be relevant for most of your life. We often think that if you haven’t studied a degree before 25, that’s it, no career in that direction for you. But of course, this would be a relatively horrific state of affairs should it actually ring true. In fact, careers can be open for you through online postgraduate programmes or a range of other course opportunities, perhaps more than you think. If you’re good at your work, you’re good at your work, and word will quickly spread the more you do it. New skills can also always help you in the smallest ways.

This is because life isn’t simply split into little boxes of competence without any ability to travel. Of course, you might not think that an accountancy degree would help you outside of your field, but what if your son wants to open a business in the future? What if you wish to dispute a negative claim that came your way? You can always use new skills, and an ability to stay receptive to that can lead to true wisdom through competence.

It’s Fun

Learning is fun! We often think, thanks to the grade school system and sometime inept colleges that learning is simply force-feeding our minds information and having to place that all on an exam. It doesn’t feel practical, or in most cases natural. Add the social element of schooling or college to this, and sometimes we might feel as though the learning process is a little too arranged and organized, or a little too loose. But really, when you think about it, learning is incredibly fun. Why wouldn’t you want to know more about the world, and how it works, or how it’s developed over time? Simply teaching yourself history gives you access to the massive span of the human drama, and how wonderful and unbelievable it actually is.

Learning a new degree of competence can help you feel confident, and very soon you’ll see how deep the skilled rabbit hole goes. Also, learning needn’t be simply sitting in a room reading a textbook. It can be fun, reactive, dynamic, and engaging. Spending the time going to the source, experimenting, being creative, finding examples and the celebrated greats of the field you’re hoping to understand is a process of intrigue, a mental adventure if you will. If you refuse to learn anything you block yourself off from all of that, and from staying perpetually engaged in the world around you. A little curiosity goes a long way.

Your Worldview Shifts

Everyone has their own point of view and understanding of the world. In fact, even those closest to us might view the world in a much different manner to how we do. But with intelligence, your worldview can shift. Let us consider an image to illustrate this. Three people are standing next to a wall, facing it. The first person is standing on the floor. He cannot see anything but the wall, the divider in front of him. The second person is standing on a pile of ten, thick books. He can start to see above the frame of the window into the world outside. The third person is standing on thirty well-balanced books. He can see over the wall and into the beautiful garden presented to him. This simply visual identifier demonstrates that the world grows and becomes more beautiful the more you learn, the more perspectives you consider, and the more you’re willing to invest into it. A worldview like this can see, when an uninformed view might have always been staring at that dividing wall.

You’re Flexible

Perhaps one of the most troubling worries of modern society is how technology and the information bubble allows us to stay in that corner, no matter if that’s politically, culturally, or artistically. The more we read of this stuff online, the more those results are returned to us, and the more we continue to live in that environment alongside people we agree with. It’s no wonder people are so divided today. When you have a knack for learning and simply only want to know the truth no matter what it is, you will be able to see past agenda and question everything critically, which will help you avoid the ‘teamster’ avenues of thinking and instead focus on what is evidence-based, or what you know to be true through your own expertise. This flexible mindset is more of what the world needs right now.

With these tips, the love for learning should stay with you, and help you throughout your entire life.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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