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Why Electric Heating is Becoming So Popular?

Gas is the age-old standard method for heating our homes and remains the most popular in the UK today. However, recently we’ve seen many people ditching the old for the new.

The evolution of electric heating into an energy-efficient replacement to gas is interesting. More people are choosing electric radiators today and saying goodbye to the gas boilers we have all grown to know so well.

This poses the question: why is electric heating becoming so popular?

Good for your home

Electric heating is cheaper and hassle-free to install. As it does not require pipework throughout the house, it is much simpler and less invasive.

These systems are also 100% efficient, meaning every kW of electricity that you pay for, is converted into heat energy for your home. This is an obvious selling point for people considering electric heating.

Many people may also opt to ditch their gas heating system when they discover its short lifespan. Electric heating can last for over 20 years, while gas heating can die on you in half of that time! The cost of the installation of a new gas heating system is surely enough to drive many homeowners to electric heating.

And if the list wasn’t long enough, electric heating is much quieter too!

We are all familiar with the irritating sounds of a gas heating system; the drips, creaks and bangs. You can say goodbye to this when you go electric.


Good to the environment

Electric heating does not run on fossil fuels, which is the main source of greenhouse gases in the UK.

Due to the growth of wind and solar power, electricity does not have to harm our world. Heating our homes also does not have to mean the emission of polluting gases if we choose electric.

The growing popularity of electric heating could be down to concern for our world. As heating our homes makes up for the largest chunk of our overall energy use, switching to electric allows us to minimise our carbon footprints.

Even the government aims to have all properties built from 2025 installed with electric heating systems, with a complete ban on gas!

Good to you

Another reason for the dramatic rise in electric heating in the UK could be its safety.

Gas heating systems are infamous for causing dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and even explosions.

With electric heating, there is no gas involved, therefore there is no risk of the leakage of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Inhalation of a small amount of this can be fatal. People just don’t want to take the risk anymore.



In the contemporary world, where a variety of interior design styles are adopted, range is important. Browsing the comprehensive range of electric radiators at Trade Radiators allows us further clues into their rising popularity.

People also favour the technological advances that are utilised in electric heating systems. Smart wi-fi controlled radiators are available on the market today, making gas seem outdated and well… old!

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