Who Did It? Game Review

My parrot did NOT poop in the middle of the living room, but I think the rabbit did it!

For this month’s Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club, I’m reviewing one of my favourite fun fast card games, Who Did It?

Who Did It?

This hilarious, easy-to-grasp game is great fun for the whole family and will have you fighting to defend your cute pet. How could your adorable Mr Fluffykins have pooped on the rug? You need to think quickly and pass the blame onto someone else’s pet. You must trust your memory and reactivity or you may blame a pet already proven innocent and be left cleaning up the mess.

How to play

An impressive poop was found in the living room, someone’s pet must have done it. But whose? You must defend the innocence of your 6 pets by getting rid of all the cards in your hand. As each player accuses a pet, you must quickly find the pet accused from your hand and be the first to lay it down. You then pass the blame onto another pet. To avoid being the owner of a guilty pet, you have to act the fastest and remember which animals were already proven innocent. After each round the owner of the guilty pet collects a poop token.

To win the game, you must be the player with the least amount of poop tokens after all cards have been played.

Setting up the game is quick and easy. Players choose a colour (blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green) and take the 6 matching pet cards of that colour in their hand. Put unclaimed cards aside, these will not be used. Place the poop tokens into a pile, easy to reach.

The youngest player starts the game by putting down a pet of their choice in the middle of the table and saying (as an example):

“It was not my turtle that pooped in the living room. I think it was someone’s hamster.”

Everyone must now race to place their hamster card down first, proving the innocence of their hamster. The first player to do this can then pass the blame onto another animal. Play continues this way until a guilty pet is found.

You can save your pet from being blamed and then accuse the same type of pet from another player.

“It was not my cat that pooped on the rug, but I think it was someone else’s cat.”

A round ends when an animal is found to be guilty. This happens when an owner fails to pass on the blame to someone else’s animal, leaving the blame on their own pet. There are 2 ways that this can happen. The first being if a player tries to pass the blame onto another animal but no one has that animal in their hand. Everyone must show their remaining cards as proof. The guilty owner must then take a poop token. A round can also end when only one player has one or more animal cards remaining, and everyone else has gotten rid of the cards in their hand. Again, the guilty owner must take a poop token.

End of the game

As soon as a player has collected 3 poop tokens, the game ends. The player with the fewest poop tokens wins. If there is a tie, players share victory.

Who’s the game for?

We played this game as a family with our small children, and we all had great fun. The designers specify that the game is suitable for players aged 6+ but my 5 year old played easily. My 3 year old also understood the game, but wasn’t as quick (so we worked together as a team, which she loved!). We all had great fun.

Who Did It? is a game for 3-6 players and is a quick game, lasting around 15 minutes. The game comes in a small box, slightly larger than a pack of cards so id ideal for taking on holiday, in hand luggage or playing on the train. We shall certainly be taking Who Did It? with us on our caravanning holidays in the summer.

Our final thoughts

We loved the ease and design of this game. It’s such a simple game for the kids to understand the rules of. I love games which require minimum set-up and can be played straight out of the box, especially when playing with children or when traveling. The game feels well made, with excellent quality materials and the artwork is adorable! My daughters spent ages ‘awwww’ing’ over the cards.

When I played this game early last year at a toy fair, I knew this game would be a hit! I was so excited for it’s launch and was so pleased when we were given the opportunity to review this game for you all.

Of course, your pet may not have pooped in the living room at all! We’ve played a few variations of the game, including:

  • Who farted in the car?
  • Who stole my sandwich?
  • Who dug up the lawn?
  • Who peed on the bed?
  • Who trashed the rubbish bin?
  • Who ate my shoes?

Where to buy

You can buy Who Did It? online from Amazon and John Lewis, but it is also available from all good board game shops. If you would like to find out more about Who Did It? and the other amazing board games from Asmodee, visit the Asmodee UK website.

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