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It’s a new year, which means more new board games for us to review. The Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club has a whole bundle of new games for you guys to try this year, and I am always honoured share with you our latest favourites over the next 12 months!

This month we have been playing the beautifully enchanting When I Dream, the wonderful game of dreams and mystery. A great party game, that’s so simple to play.

When I Dream was gifted to us by Asmodee as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club

When I Dream


“The night has fallen and your mind is floating in the magical world of dreams. But the Dream Spirits want to have some fun tonight! They are giving their best and the dreams become strange and surreal. Become the dreamer, put on your sleeping mask and try to figure out your dream and which spirits are the Naughty ones. Become a good spirit and help the Dreamer by giving him clues about the dream before the naughty spirits mess it up. Close your eyes and dive in!”

When I Dream is played in rounds. Each round sees a player take on the role of the Dreamer and falls asleep (wearing a mask to cover their eyes). The round is divided into 2 phases, Night and Day. Other players secretly deal out role cards, deciding what kind of dream spirits they must be- good or naughty. But be aware, there may be tricksters amongst you! A trickster can switch sides, and be good AND naughty!

The Dreamer now has 2 minutes to guess as many dream Elements as possible. Players give clues to what card is on the bed (table). For example, say the card shows a necklace. Players may say clues such as jewellery, pearls, neck, pretty etc.  A round lasts just 2 minutes, and the Dreamer tries to identify the dream Element, based on clues that the other players have given them.

If the dreamer correctly guesses the card it goes on the light side of the board, if they guess wrong it is instead placed on the dark side. After the 2 minutes are up, the Dreamer (still wearing the eye mask) must recite as many of the Elements as possible. Players are encouraged to create a wonderful dream from the Elements which they remember guessing. “I was walking on the MOON, when I saw the most adorable MOUSE wearing a gorgeous NECKLACE made from CHEESE. And then I woke up.” For every card that the Dreamer correctly guessed and remembered in their dream, points are awarded accordingly.

The other players take on the roles of Fairies, Sandmen and Boogeymen, during the whole round. Points are also scored to these players accordingly to the outcome of each round. Fairies get points for correctly guessed cards, Boogeymen get points for incorrect cards (so they need to be strategic with their clues!) and Sandmen get points for cards on both sides of the board, accordingly to the rules.

The object of the game is for the player with the most points, wins the game.

When I Dream is played with 4-10 players, but we found the game worked best with 6. Gameplay lasts between 30-45 minutes and is suitable for players aged 8+, but after a little practice my 7 year old was playing with ease.

Opinions of game play

What on Earth was I dreaming about!?

The game was really easy to pick up and understand the rules. We all knew what we were doing very quickly, with little reference to the rule book.

Each round went quickly, with the whole game being over in just 30 minutes. The swift nature of When I Dream, makes it an ideal game when you just need a ‘go to’ game for a quick fix of fun. It’s fun and imaginative. With a little practice my 7 year old soon picked up the rules and was able to join in with the game.

I found the ending of the game a little ‘wishy-washy’. The game ends when all players have been the Dreamer once. The winner is the player with the most points. It seemed like such a boring ending to a beautiful game, but the perfection of the rest of the game made up for this weak ending.

The game pieces are excellent. The artwork is absolutely stunning and really did spark my imagination throughout the game (the artwork and style of the game very much reminded me of Dixit). Having the Dream Cards displayed on an actual tiny bed on the centre of board is a lovely little feature, this makes the set-up of When I Dream memorable indeed.

I wont forget to mention the sleep mask! Comfortable and fit my head well (not so much for my 7 year old, but a scarf did the job just as well, when she needed it). Even the mask features stunning art work, just like every other piece of the game.

Final Conclusion

What a lovely game to play. Quick to learn, visually appealing and great quality. I just wish it had a more imaginative ending, but the game still ranks high for me despite this.

Where to buy

When I Dream is distributed by Asmodee UK, and is available to buy in good independent board game stores, so please check your local stockists, and support local! RRP of £26.99.

When I Dream is also available online from Amazon, Magic Madhouse and Zatugames.




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