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What Have We Learned From 2020?

Hello and I would love to take this time to wish you all a (belated) happy Christmas. 2020 has been a weird year. It’s flown by in somewhat of a blur. The months have passed and warped our sense of time. We welcomed in the New Year 12 months ago with festivities and happiness but from the get go the news was dominated by misery and fear. Here are the just some of the most memorable fuck ups 2020 had to offer us:

First up was the Australian bush fires, which destroyed 46 million acres of land, thousands of homes and killed billions of animals and 34 people. These bush fires ravaged the Australian land until June 2020.

Ukrainian Airline PS752 was shot down by the Iranian military on the 8th of January. All 176 passengers and crew onboard were killed. Initially the Iranian government denied the attack for 3 days, but finally admitted their actions.

On January 31st Britain left the EU. People went crazy, stockpiling everything from toilet roll to pasta. People lived in fear. Because we were leaving the European Union our shopping essentials would no longer be available, stock was destined to be delayed at ports. This fear was short lived and another fear took over; Covid 19.

27th April, the Pentagon released footage of UFO’s. There were 3 videos showing US Navy Pilots observing mysterious floating objects in the sky. Do you remember this story? Did people react and go crazy? No. Because we were all too busy taking notice of the American President Donald Trump telling people to drink bleach to ward off the Coronavirus. Nice one Trump. PS: Negative- drinking bleach will kill you. Positive- you wont catch the Virus because you will be dead.

An explosion in Beirut killed 204 people in August. 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was being stored unsafely and was ignited somehow (we still don’t know how). 6,500 people were injured, 204 dead and billons of pounds worth of damages.

shtf: COVID 19

Finally, Covid 19. I’ve saved the most important to last. Coronavirus took the world by storm, for the whole of 2020. 31st January, the first 2 cases were confirmed in Newcastle, UK. The country went into panic. The end of February saw the first confirmed death of a British man. The country went into even more panic. The next day the BBC reported of a Brighton man who had contracted the virus, from within the UK. He hadn’t recently travelled abroad, which means the virus was well and truely roaming free within the UK. Guess what… the country went into EVEN MORE PANIC. Oh dear.

1 week later, the UK confirmed its first Covid death case. There was also 115 confirmed cases within the UK. And the rest is history.

Im not going to go into a full Covid timeline. We all lived through it. We know what happened. We all know how shit it was. If you are curious to see an in depth timeline, click here. Babies were born, and grandparents didn’t get the chance to hold their precious newborns. Weddings were cancelled, but brides were still hopefully buying dresses from styleaisle. Birthday parties were spent in isolation. And the most heart breaking of all, were thousands of people were dying but had to be buried with no family or friends being able to say ‘Goodbye’.

The country went crazy and people lost their minds. Yes, it was a dark time. Over 1 million of people have died worldwide, people have been left with life changing effects, people have lost jobs, homes and businesses. But, there are a few things I have discovered about the world and myself, thanks to 2020.

Self Reliance- Needed

I learned that human beings don’t give a flying shit about each other. They will literally fight other human beings in the supermarkets for toilet roll. Fucking toilet roll. And pasta, and soap. For a bunch of selfish arseholes who only care about themselves, they really do rely heavily on others (mass produced products, top dogs in business and the corrupt liars in government.) In their selfish blindness, they seem to feel like they are completely fucked without the support of these big wigs. What a strange concept.

Because of this I also learned that people have absolutely zero knowledge of how to actually look after themselves. They give it the mouth, saying that they can survive and they don’t need help from the government or supermarkets (while calling them every name under the sun) but as soon as SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan- a common acronym in the self sufficiency and preppers scene) they panic and cry for help.

It was the moment that I truly learned what I had been doing for years, teaching myself self sufficiency and self reliance, was actually needed. We used to laugh that maybe the Zombie apocalypse would happen, or that the internet would one day turn off. I never once guessed that our country would utterly go to shit because of a virus (which I’m still convinced is man made). I was laughed at for living so extreme at times, I was in the news for being a radical, I was the one whom people assumed had gone crazy – “why would she go through the effort of growing her own or make do and mend while the shops could just give it to her instead, for less effort?”.

Funny how once SHTF I was receiving scores of emails daily, asking for advice on how to survive, invited to speak on national television or write articles for the national press. I was no longer crazy, I was smart.

While Covid ravaged the world, I could have used that time to teach people how to actually survive without having to rely on the shops, big wigs or politicians. Instead I went AWOL, which I honestly feel guilty for. To be fair, I had my reason – a messy divorce. I spent this year growing next to nothing in our vegetable garden, seizing to write informative articles- articles that could have taught you all to survive better. For that I am incredibly sorry.

I hate to say it or to be negative in any way, but do you honestly think that next year is going to be any different? The way the world is going, Covid aside, we are all living our lives in fear of something- another pandemic, a war, terrorism, economy collapse etc etc etc. We must be prepared.

And through the negativity, lets look for the positives. Let 2021 be the year where you learn not to rely so heavily on the top dogs that have let you all down. You don’t have to upsticks, find a field, live like nomads, survive on nothing but lettuce and goats milk. You can however do what I do. Stick your fingers up to government reliance and start finding your own happiness in such a crap world. Learn to love your neighbours, look after one another, look after yourselves and become a little more self reliant. Once you get that nailed, I promise you that when SHTF next time, you wont feel the need to panic buy bog roll and beat up other human beings in the supermarket for that last packet of processed meat.


PS: Now I have my life back on track, divorce papers almost signed off, and my mental health not so fucked I shall be blogging more often, with 1 mission in mind; To teach you all how easy self reliance can be. Whether you live in shared accommodation, a flat, 3 bed council house or a mansion we can all do more for self reliance and self sufficiency.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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