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We’re Back! It’s the return of the blog.

Well, Hello again. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Almost 8 months to be exact.

The world is now a very different place. Covid 19 has ravaged it’s way around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. The world stood still. Weddings cancelled. Babies born without cuddles from eagerly awaited family members. A lot has happened in the Newhouse family home since then.

Goodbye Marriage

Unfortunately, my husband and I have separated. Obviously the details, I won’t go into. But guys and girls I have a piece of advice for you; If you feel like your mental health is affecting your relationship, with whatever person, please address it. Especially you guys. Men’s mental health is very much underrated. Guys, If you need help, find it. Before it’s too late and the things you once loved are destroyed.

Barren Land

This year my beautiful garden and our self sufficient lifestyle, has taken a back seat. The garden quickly went from being my priority and my safe space, to being somewhere that I did not enjoy to be in. I no longer enjoyed it. The weeds grew, I sowed 1/3 of what I usually sow, my windowsills and greenhouse were empty. All we were growing were the usual permanent plants that reside in our garden (rhubarb, thornless black berries, raspberries, currents and the fruit trees). The only vegetables I sowed were carrots, beans, potatoes and courgettes.

The garden is not packed like it used to be. And it’s broken my heart. I can’t bare looking at it. Last year, there was no free space left. You couldn’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak. This year the ground is empty and providing next to no food. The nettles, brambles and endless supply of weeds ravaged the land.

This last week, I have seen a boost in energy and positivity, and with that came determination to get back to the land. I have started clearing the weeds, cutting back the unwelcome plants, pruning, and digging. My aim throughout September is to get the ground clear and dug over. I want it ready for Spring so I can get back into the swing of self sufficiency at full force.

I have some seeds to go in this month, mainly over wintering spinach and salads. I may have enough time to get some radishes in too… if I get a move on. It’s not a lot but it will be enough to remind me that I can do it, and the garden is mine once again.

Jimmy’s Hands

A year ago Jimmy had his syndactyly release operation on both hands. Have a look at our Syndactyly Journey category to find out more about his condition. I’m still yet to write a post about the actual operation, something I’ve been putting off for a while. His hands are now fully healed but unfortunately he has been left with significant scarring on both hands, that has reduced his movement and fine motor skills. This second operation was meant to happen back in March, but then lock down happened and all non essential operations were cancelled. Unfortunately Jimmy’s operation fell into the ‘non essential’ category.

Hospitals are starting to open their operating theatres slowly, so now we just have to play the waiting game again, until his name is at the top of the list for surgery. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it is soon… pun totally intended!


Back in June I helped create a music video for friends Mr Strange. I’ve been a fan of Mr Strange for a while now. It was hard for them to create a music video during a worldwide pandemic. So, with the help of friends they created this amazing lock down video, featuring us all in our own homes. Filmed on phones, tablets and webcams. But, it worked! And yes, that’s my car right at the very end.

Guys and Dolls

I’ve also been dipping my fingers into artistic creations once again. I’ve always loved painting and upcycling. My latest project is upcycling our battered coffee table. I’ve been making creations from old dolls (goth girl alert!) into strange plant pots and wind chimes. I’ve also been working on some curiosities. My favourite lock down creation was a mounted crow. The crow was gifted to me by a very dear friend. I removed the head, wings and feet. Skinned the skull, pinned and dried the feet and wings and mounted them onto a piece of wood to make a beautiful piece of wall art. Here’s an Instagram post showing you what I managed to create (The Instagram account is separate from my blog, but you’re more than welcome to give me a follow. I mainly use it for my car-obsessed-hobbies)

Finally, we have been spending a lot of lock down decorating and making the house our home, once again. There were lots of small DIY projects that were ignored, and quickly became dangerous. Myself and my (crow) friend have been working through these projects, making the house safe for my children and I. Our home will be our home again, one day soon.

So, There you have it. A very brief summery of the main points in our life right now. Its mostly been lows, with a few highs. I have some incredible friends who have helped me along the way. Some have kicked my butt into productivity. Some took a step back from my life. I’m yet to find out why, but I have my ideas for their reasoning. I wont hold it against them.

I sincerely hope you have all been keeping safe and well. I pray that the effects of Covid has not changed your lives forever. But there’s one thing to remember, learn from the experiences of 2020. Everything happens for a reason.

Lots of love, Hazel x

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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