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On December 1st at 1pm, I walked the aisle in St.Nicholas church, set the beautiful village that I grew up in. I said my vows and forever became, Mrs. Newhouse. It really was the best day of my life…. despite it being minus degrees. The sun shone and the sky was clear, but it was toe snappingly cold!

We had a traditional ceremony with family and friends. As the doors to the church opened I was surprised by the number of people present in the church. To the lead up to the ceremony I kept having images flash through my mind of an empty church with just the photographer and pigeons in the bell tower as my witnesses. But the church was rammed, people were even standing up at the back. Every pew was filled.  Stood before me were the faces of people from every walk in my life. Family, Friends, Colleagues, Class mates and even Teachers! We felt truly blessed.  I wore A traditional dress with a lace bolero, and a woven willow head band (that my dad made for me) decorated with fresh cut flowers. Jay wore a gorgeous berry coloured suit and a pocket hanky in the West Ham football team colours (Oh, I also wore a West Ham garter!).

After the ceremony, We went to the building next door, that was once my C of E first school. The room looked the same as when I was last in it, same desks, same books and even the same piano! A thousand memories flashed back through my mind, and made me very tearful. We had tea and buffet with our friends and cut our West Ham wedding cake, complete with little ‘skinhead’ figurines! The Bride even had my tattoos painting on!

By now, I was absolutely shattered and wanted my bed badly! But, we headed off to our fancy hotel room, overlooking Bedford river- just to check in and so I could get changed…. then back out, to the pub to see our friends bands play. We had 3 bands in total, who all did a fabulous job and kept everyone partying into the early hours!

Over all a fantastic wedding day! There is too much to write about, and would take me forever to get it all typed out! I had the best day of my life- at the end of it all I am just very happy to be Mrs. Newhouse!!!

newhousefamilyweddingskinheadweddingwest ham cake

Special Thanks to- My Husband Jay, My daughter Willow, Bridesmaids- Danni, Leigh, Sophie, Laura. Rev. Christa Pumfrey, Best man Tim and Usher Chris, The Bell ringer and Organist, Photographer Karl, Sally & Keith Newhouse, My dad David and my grandparents, my ‘adoptive’ parents Judith and Simon, Our brothers and sisters, Kelsie- For making the cake, Again, Leigh for arranging all the bands and equiptment for the evening, all the bar staff at Esquires, and last but no means least all of our family and friends for being there and supporting us on our very special day. We love you all. xxxx

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Jayne andrews says:

    Was a lovely service and was honoured to share part if your day 🙂

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