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Valentines Day

This year was quite a special Valentines day for me. For a few reasons.

Believe it or not, It was only my second valentines day with my husband Jay… ever! You see, we do things quickly. Babies, marriage, house etc.

This valentines day, Jay had told me that he had planned to take me somewhere, but he was refusing to tell me where.This questioning went on for a week or two, with no revealing of his plans. Sly bugger.

We woke up on V.Day morning, and actually had a lie in… this is when I doubted that we were actually going out. If we were going to go somewhere surely we would be having an early start? We exchanged cards and pressies. I got a lovely red rose and I gave Jay a cross stitch of two lovebirds that I had only finished at 11pm the night before. It had taken me weeks to make, and I was very pleased with the final outcome.

We got dressed and packed for a day out. Jay told me to wear something warm and put on some comfy shoes, and pack a spare change of clothes for Willow…. Hhhmmm were we going to be outside all day? We left the house and headed for Argos… WTF?!

Yes, Argos. I was told to wait outside the shop while he popped in to pick something up. He emerged with a long item wrapped up hidden in its blue bag. What could it be?!

We then headed to the coach station… and Jay checked the timetable! It was then that I realised where we were going!! Hitchin!

“I’m taking you kite flying on Windmill hill” He said. Perfect!!!! I had only flown a kite once before when I was really little, and I only know this because I saw of photograph of me and grandad flying a kite at Emberton Park once. This was so romantic of Jay to think of this! He really is the best husband.

We took the hour long bus ride, and popped into a Costa for a coffee. We then went up Windmill hill for over an hour. The weather was perfect; sunny but windy. We soon got the hang of the kite, after much fiddling with strings, untangling and untwisting and lots of running backwards! It was the perfect date ever.

Willow had fun running up the hill (yes, she is running now!), and she found the kite hilarious to watch. We only packed up and left as the rain started to set in and the skies darkened.

We headed to Pizza Express, somewhere that neither of us had ever been to before. I ordered a white wine spritzer (as a treat!) and a pizza each. The food was OK, but nothing mindblowing in all honesty. I drank half my wine and felt ‘piisched’ so Jay drank the rest, and Willow had fun throwing food onto the floor and making a scene.

We then decided to call it a day. It was the best day that I ever could have asked for. I spent it with the man I love with all my heart, doing something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Oh. and on our way to Hitchin we saw a funny car crash…. that is always worth remembering on our slushy lovey dovey day!

kite flying in hitchin

valentines day rose

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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