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Valentines Day Gifts For Eco-Savvy Couples

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Valentines Day is just 1 week away. This doesn’t give us much time left to (panic) buy a present for our loved ones. The world is changing fast, more and more people are starting to understand the importance of looking after our green and pleasant earth and love all of the living creatures (including plants!) which reside on it. Buying a vegan some milk chocolate is out of the question and getting an eco-warrior a chemical ridden bath bomb is too. Gulp.

But don’t panic. I have it covered. So if you’re worrying what to buy your hard-core veggie hippy partner this Valentines Day, let me put a few ideas into your head.

Tropic Lipsticks : Kiss-proof colour*

I am loving Tropic Lipsticks! The vegan and cruelty free brand tick all of the boxes when it comes to creating a pretty, great looking lipstick that doesn’t carry any extra guilt. It has a wallet friendly price tag too.


I found that Tropic’s Colour Click Lipsticks went on super smooth and apply easily. The lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips, leaving them feeling moisturised for hours at a time. The lipstick colours are so nourishing because they are made from conditioning camellia, jojoba, avocado and argan oils. I had to top up my colour after 3 hours, but this was after I had been out for a meal and was drinking too. With 7 colours to choose from, there is plenty of day and night colour choices to be made.


The lipstick is cleverly encased. Instead of just pulling your lipstick from it’s case, Tropic’s Colour Click Lipsticks have to be clicked in and out of their packaging. Easy to do one handed and it reduced the risk of your lipstick lid popping off in your bag, covering everything in greasy colour. It also stumped my curios 22 month old. HAHA! SAVED!

The Tropic Colour Click Lipsticks are available from the Tropic online store here. The lipsticks are just £14 and are available in 7 different colours to suit any occasion.


Meantime Brews*

It’s nice to share a tasty treat on Valentines Day and if you are planning on cooking a special candlelit dinner at home, why not polish off the meal with a special drink? Step away from the supermarket wines and try something new with Meantime Brews.

Meantime chocolate porter yakumi red

I am a huge lover of chocolate. Obviously. I am also a huge lover of beers with hints of chocolate. I have previously stuck to old favourite Youngs Double Chocolate Stout, but it was time to try something new. Meantime Chocolate Porter was gently poured into my glass on Saturday evening. Oh boy! it was good. The porter is super dark in colour and rather malty in taste, but the rich chocolate flavours soon hit my tongue. This is a very chocolaty brew so would really suit being poured and served after dinner, with a pudding. It is rather warming and does go down very easily as it avoids the ‘fizz’ that many bottle beers tend to carry.

If you were expecting to drink a beer that resembled a bottle of melted chocolate, I can tell you now that you wont be finding that anywhere. Instead chocolate beers tease the taste buds with subtle hints of cocoa buried beneath the hops. This malty brew does carry a sweet chocolate smell and throws out more of a chocolate flavour than some other supermarket varietiesthough. The Meantime Chocolate Porter is 6.5%ABV and costs £21.99 for a case of 12 x 330ml bottles. A definite winner for me, as an after dinner treat!

Meantime also offer something very different with their Yakima Red beer. I’ll let the (rather funny) guys from Meantime explain a little more about this craft brew…

Whilst I grabbed the Chocolate Porter, it was my husband who decided to road test the Yakima Red. Jay says: “I was surprised at how red in colour this beer was once I had poured it. I never actually expected it to be so red. Think Ribena and you near enough have the colour right. Yakima Red is very fruity, with a beautiful  soft fruit aroma to enjoy while you drink. I also found after tones of citrus, which was a pleasant surprise.”

Meantime Yakima red is 4.1%ABV and costs £20.49 for a case of 12 x 330ml bottles. Check out the Meantime website for more brews, news and shopping.

Urtekram Rose Body Care*

The word Urtekram means ‘herbalism’ in Danish. The brand Urtekram is a natural as it’s meaning. If your lady loves to have a long soak in the bath or spends far to much time in the bathroom, then the stunning Rose range from Urtekram may make the perfect Valentines Day gift.

urtekram rose reviewAll of the Urtekram Rose range is all vegan and cruelty free and the Urtekram brand pride themselves on their certification by Ecocert Greenlife. I instantly fell in love with their hand cream. I have to use hand cream so often. My hands take a bettering from working in the garden and so much DIY work at present. Dry cracked hands are no fun in the cold weather either, so they are always in desperate need for a special moistening treat. The whole range smells so strong of roses, leaving lovely scents on your skin for hours.

I have rather greasy hair, that gets terribly knotted. It’s a nightmare especially for me, as I am rather low maintenance. The shampoo shifted any dirt and grime quickly (even with just one application of shampoo, rather than my usual two) and the conditioner smoothed my hair and removed those tricky knots. I noticed the rose scents lasting in my hair for a full day, which was a pleasant surprise.

I was really taken aback by the size of the shower gel bottle. A huge 500ml, it’s nice to see a brand think about value for money. I am sure the bottle of shower gel will last a long time. Even though the rose range has a rather feminine scent, my husband joined in with the special treatment and used the shower gel (admittedly he had run out of his own) but he agreed that it was a lovely product to use.

The Urtekram range starts at just £1.75. You can find more information about the Urtekram Rose range (and many of their other ranges) on the Urtekram website.

Nelsons Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm*

A quiet night in, a long soak in the bath and a relaxing massage is a stereotypical scene throughout homes on Valentines Day. And so it should be! Nothing beats letting go of all your daily worries and allowing yourself to completely relax at the end of the day. Having your partner deliver a massage is the perfect treat to top it all off.

nelsons arnicare review

Arnicare by Nelsons have created a wonderful product that can be used as a gorgeous moisturising bath oil, or as a sensual scented massage balm. Add a few drops into a hot bath and soak away the days tensions. The balm mixes well with your water, and works it’s way into your skin leaving you feeling soft and refreshed. To use as a massage balm, simply add a few drops into warmed hands and work gently into your tired muscles. I felt completely serene when my poor tired and tight legs were sent into absolute rest. Bliss. I am heavily tattooed, and I also found that it revived some of my old fading ink. Bringing out colours and clarity to some of my oldest tattoos.

Nelsons Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm is enriched with natural Arnica Montana, the Evening Primrose oil and Almond oil works hard to hydrate the skin. The balm works so well at calming you down with its Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils. You can really smell the lavender oil, which instantly calmed me down and reduced tensions. I found that the gorgeous scents from the balm carried around the house, when added to a hot bath. I love it when this happens! It made the whole house smell amazing all night long.

This has quickly become one of my favourite multi-use products, and I have been recommending it to quite a lot of people recently!

For more information about Nelsons Arnicare Bath and Massage Oil check out the Nelsons Website here. The 200ml bottle is available from Boots and costs £8.55

Bluebeards Revenge Eco-Warrior Deodorant*

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I no longer use deodorant. I haven’t for a few years after going through a detox of sorts. It works for me and I confidently say that I do not smell. Thankyouverymuch.

My husband though, is yet to take the detox. I get the grump with him quote often when he’s spraying the stinky stuff in the bathroom. It reeks out the house, makes my throat hurt and creates some weird mystic haze of chemicals that hover in the air. Maybe it was time he tried something else.

bluebeards revenge eco warrior deodorant

Bluebeards Revenge Eco-Warrior roll on deodorant eliminates the stinky mist that my hubby creates daily, which is my first positive. The deodorant has a lovely manly smell, nicer than that really famous high-street spray on that attracts the ladies. IYKWIM. This all natural and organic deo works hard all day to keep pongy pits at bay.

I was really surprised to see what was inside the box (other than the deodorant of course). Printed on the inside was a whole load of information on men’s health and how to keep your eyes peeled for worrying signs of prostate, penile and testicular cancer. A wonderful addition to the packaging.


The Bluebeards Revenge website has a whole range of awesome manly products. The deodorant comes in a 50ml roll on and is available to purchase from the Bluebeards Revenge website for £3.


All products marked with an * have been sent to me in exchange for an honest opinion of the product.


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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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