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I’m sure by now, you know that we play a lot of board games. We regularly play and review games for the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. A few months ago we played Unlock! Escape Adventures, this month we bring you another instalment of the Unlock! game series, Mystery Adventure.

The popularity of Escape Rooms has swept across the country. Teams of friends are willingly getting themselves locked in rooms, with just 1 hour to escape. I’ve been to escape rooms, but I only have a 50% success rate (in my defence, one was so scary I nearly died!) The Unlock! game series brings the popular escape rooms game into your own home. You have 60 minutes to solve the mysteries by combining game cards, story lines and using a smart app on your phone.

Unlock! Mystery Adventures

The Mystery Adventures box contains 3 games (The House On The Hill, The Nautilus’ Traps, The Tonipals Treasure) and a short demo game. The demo game is designed for first time players to quickly get to grips with the game, without the need for reading rule books.

Playing any of the Unlock! games is really simple to master. You download the free app onto your phone. This contains a contents of all the games in the Unlock! series. Simply click on the story line that you are about to play and you will be presented with a screen that shows a countdown timer, and buttons to enter secret codes and open machines during game play. Beware of the penalty button- you may be asked to press it if you go wrong! If you get stuck during the game, you can ask for a hint to help you on your way.

The app also has specially chosen background music with sound affects which you can choose to have playing while you play the game. We found that this really sets the atmosphere for some of the games.

You’ll be introduced to each game with a scenario, read the storyline carefully and study each picture well. You may find some hidden clues in the illustrations- miss one of these clues and you may fail!

Each card has a number or a letter on the back. Cards are kept face down until needed, so as not to spoil the game. Throughout the game you’ll be asked to turn over certain cards and discard others. Each card is another piece to the puzzle and in order to turn over some of these cards you will have to solve a puzzle, combine cards open a machine with a special code.

We played The House On The Hill first, as this instantly grabbed our attention because we regularly play The Call of Cthulhu and the artwork instantly reminded us of a typical HP Lovecraft-esque storyline. We were doing so well for the 1st 45 minutes, and then we were stuck. Panic took over us and we started making silly mistakes. We did manage to escape, but it took us 75 minutes. Such a shame.

Whats In The box?

To be honest, not much. Inside the box you will find 4 decks of cards (the 3 scenarios and the demo game) and a simple rule book- but this is just for a quick reference if you really are unsure of something as the game is really self explanatory.

You don’t need much to play, so setup and play can be started within seconds. All you need are the deck of cards for your chosen game and the app. We do like to play with a pen and paper for making notes and helping us to work out codes and puzzles, but this is just a personal preference.

Wait, is this a map?!

Here is a brief summary of each game included in Unlock! Mystery Adventure:

The House on the Hill – What’s going on in this run down manor? You must explore the sinister rooms and thwart the curse which haunts this isolated place. Pentagrams and Tarot cards. Is black magic behind all of this?

The Nautilus’ Traps – Hunt down the sea monster during a dive, you find shelter when you open an old hatch. You must find a way to resurface. Your oxygen levels are low, but can you find more oxygen tanks to give you more time?

The Tonipals Treasure – Captain Smith hid his treasure on Tonipal Island. Dig up the treasure before another treasure gets hold of it! And what did that parrot say again?

I really don’t want to say much more about each game’s storyline, as I dont want to give anything away or ruin any surprises for you. But, trust me when I say that each game is well written, works perfectly as an escape room scenario, had us gripped, shocked and even a little scared. There is not one instalment from the Unlock! series that has disappointed us. Each game has been as wondeful as the last and they never get boring!

Where To Buy

Unlock! is suitable for 1-6 players (although playing solo is HARD!) from aged 10+. It is published by Asmodee UK and Space Cowboys.

You can buy any game from the Unlock! series online from various retailers, with a retail price of £26.99. Do shop around for the best prices on sites such as Amazon, Magic Madhouse, Dice & Decks. 

If you would like to find out more about Asmodee and their amazing games, check out the Asmodee UK website here.



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