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The popularity of escape rooms is sweeping across the country. You get locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to get out. If you take longer, you fail! As it’s the last day of the month, I bring you yet another amazing board game as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. This month I’m showing you the Unlock! an escape room style game, where you have just 60 minutes to ‘get out’.

I was soooooo excited to play the game, that as soon as it arrived, within half an hour I was already playing the demo game. I love escape rooms (although I’ve only made it out 50% of the rooms I’ve been locked in), so the idea of bringing this kind of fun home was very appealing.

Unlock! Escape Adventures

Unlock! is a very simple game to play. It’s self explanatory. You start by downloading the app to your phone. The app works as a timer and is where you type any codes or machine numbers during the game. It can also give you hints, if you get stuck.  There is a simple 10 card demo game to play first, which allows you to get used to the setup of the game. This demo only lasts 10 minutes and is designed to teach to the setup without having to read a rule book.

There are 3 escape scenarios to play, 2 can be played on your own or with a team. One of the games is a 2 or more player game. Choose a scenario, select it on the app, read the intro-story card and you’re off! You’ve only got 1 hour to solve the puzzle, so act fast!

Each card has a number on the back. Keep all cards face-down, only turning them over if you’re instructed to do so. As you’re playing, card will say, as an example, “Take card 21”. Only take 21 and face it down in front of you. You keep taken cards in front of you, as these will be your clues. Only discard a card if you’re instructed to do so.

Look carefully at each card. Read the instructions thoroughly and examine every piece of the card. There will be obvious instructions, but you may spot clues, hidden within the card. You can add numbers together, to make another number. The red and blue numbers (symbolised as puzzle pieces) will give you another number, that you find on the bac of a card from your deck. Sometimes, numbers you create don’t exist and this can waste precious time.

I played The Formula with my husband first, and it was obvious that as soon as the timer started we were both thrown into the adventure of the game. We were frantic! We very quickly developed a system for finding the right cards fast, as the numbers are shuffled.

Then BAM! we were stuck, after doing so well. We were so confident at the beginning, and suddenly we had come to a dead end. We could see the time counting down, 20 minutes left, 10 minutes left, we entered a code, it was wrong, we were penalised 3 minutes! Sh*t!

Before we knew it the timer was up. We had failed. Oh well, we shall try again another day.

The next night, we couldn’t resist ourselves and tried again. We got to the point we were stuck on before and again, we found ourselves in deep water. It was then that I spotted a tiny number, hidden within the illustration on the card. How on Earth did we miss it before?! Lesson learned; look carefully at every single card.

With our new number, we solved the game within 5 minutes… with 6 minutes to spare!

Look carefully at each card. You never know if something is hiding.


The Games

Inside the box is 3 different scenarios.

The Formula; You are stuck inside of a science laboratory. There is a special secret serum. Solve the riddles, and get out!  Can be played as 1 player. We LOVED this storyline. It took us 2 attempts to get out under 60 minutes.

Squeak and Sausage; Quick! Run away from Professor Noside in the cartoon style game. Can be played as 1 player. I wasn’t so keen on this game. I think because of the cartoon style, but that’s just my personal preference.

The Island Of Dr Goorse; Your stuck on an island. You must find your team mate, but beware of the traps set up by eccentric antiques collector P.Goorse. Must be played as 2 player. We are still yet to crack this one. We’ve only played it once, and took a wrong turn. I can’t wait to play it again to solve the mystery.

And that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to write too much about the storylines, as I don’t want to give anything away!

The illustrations across the whole game are wonderful. They are clear and really set the scene of what you’re dealing with. The box contains, alongside of the 3 games, a demo game (this takes just 10 minutes to play) and an instruction book, which to be honest, you don’t actually use. The demo game teaches you all you need to know and the main games are self explanatory.

The app is smooth and runs well. It looks well designed and each game even has subtle background music, which can really help set the scene of the game.

There are many other games in the Unlock! series to collect. I played Escape Adventures. There is also Mystery Adventures, Secret Adventures, Exotic Adventures and Heroic Adventures. I cannot wait until pay-day, as I’ve decided to buy myself one of the other games. I’d say that I’m pretty addicted to Unlock! games now.

Where To Buy

Unlock! Escape Adventures has an RRP of £26.99 and is available on Amazon and all good independent board game shops. Check stockists and prices locally.

If you would like to find out more or if you’d like to check out other games distributed by Asmodee, visit the Asmodee website here.


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