Turn That Garden Frown Upside Down

It’s so easy for your garden to become sad and neglected. Especially in the cold, dark, dingy months. Yet if people come round your house, one of the main things they’ll comment on is your garden, unless it’s looking a little sad, then they’ll probably skip over it. But your garden should be a haven all year round. You, and your children should be able to enjoy the safety and comfort that a garden provides for play. If you live on a main road, the garden is going to be the only safe place to play that you don’t have to walk to. Don’t neglect it and turn that garden frown upside down, if not, it can really let the rest of your house down.

There not many flowers left in the garden now.


Make It Child Friendly

You want your garden to be a place that both you and your children can enjoy. Even though it might be getting colder, this is still something you can achieve. Start with a simple little addition like a trampoline. Make sure you get a cover with it so that you can protect it from the rain. They’re that easy to remove and put back on, that it won’t matter about having a trampoline when it rains. Then, if you haven’t seen the children’s wooden play areas that you can get, then you should definitely look into them. They’re so much fun, and will encourage plenty of outdoor play which is what children need.


Now let’s move onto the gruelling task of making the area pretty. If you image a not so good garden, you’ll imagine weeds growing everywhere, dead plants all over the shop, and an out of control lawn that’s starting to look like a jungle. If this sounds like your garden, let’s solve this. First start with the lawn, if you’re terrible for not maintaining it then you need to look into the much cheaper, more aesthetically pleasing option of LazyLawn artificial grass. Once it’s in, it require minimal maintenance, and provides lush looking green grass all year round. The next thing you need to do is bring some winter plants into your life. Remove all the dead ones, lift up the soil, and plant some seeds that’ll transform into beautiful blossoming flowers.

So let’s recap. You’ve now got the lush green grass, the ready to blossom flowers, and the modern looking play area for your children. What’s missing? Some adult space. We might be running a bit thin on the ground in terms of space, depending on how big your garden is. But you need to try and include a little something for you. Even if it is just something small like a pond with a water feature. They’re so pretty to look at, and during the summer it can be really therapeutic to sit on a sun lounger next to the trickling water.

If you have more space free, look into ideas such as a blow up hot tub, they’re much cheaper than actual wooden or plastic one’s, and create such a relaxing vibe. But whatever you chose to do, make sure it’s turning your gardens frown upside down.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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