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I Treated The Hubby To An Early Valentines Gift With Arbonne

I often feel like my husband gets a little neglected. He is at work all day every day, and when he comes home he takes over the childcare…. because he’s awesome like that. I don’t ask him to, he just does. He never moans about it, but I see the tiredness in his eyes and often in the way he holds his body.

Hazel and Jay Newhouse

He needs looking after too, he works hard and he deserves it. Also, I think that he’s bloody gorgeous… and he needs to see that!

The RE9 Advanced For Men collection is the high market treat that he deserves. Its a simple routine (we all know men don’t like complicated stuff and I don’t like a man to spend longer in the bathroom than me!) that feels gorgeous on the skin. The RE9 Advanced Mens range from Arbonne focus’s on its gentle anti-aging solutions. With its skin soothing botanicals for comfort and cleanliness the collection works hard immediately on the skin to minimise the signs of aging, reduce fine lines and improve the over-all look of the skins texture, before during and after daily shaving.

RE9 Mens Range

Did you know that men’s skin differs from women’s in so many different ways? Testosterone tends to make mens skin oilier, more acidic, denser and thicker… Because of these differences, your  usual women’s routine will not do much good on his skin. He needs a more specific range of products, Such as the Arbonne RE9 Advanced For Men.

He started off his new routine by washing away the days impurities with the exfoliating wash. Use this wash before shaving by moistening the skin and applying liberally to the face and neck and massaging into the skin with his fingertips and finally rinsing off with fresh water. Because of the RE9 cleanser being a gentle exfoliator the wash reduces the chance of developing ingrown hairs and smoothes the skin ready for shaving. The wash lathers up nicely, creating a deep cleanse that doesn’t feel too abrasive on the skin. Man being man, this wash only took a few seconds and with a quick rinse the job was done…. but, he looked refreshed and glowing.

The Smoothing Facial Cleanser, #811 is £25 for 118 mls. When ordering enter #441288726, this is Claire Robinson Independent Arbonne Consultant’s order number.

Jay hasn’t had a shave in some time, he often likes to grow a short beard and it looks great on him… I like a good beard and it suits him well. He does like to be clean shaven though for when he’s out meeting clients with work and as it doesn’t take him long at all to grow a good face-full of hair he does still shave often. The shaving gel massages onto the skin very easily and doesn’t feel too heavy. The shave goes smoothly and eases the razor across the hair smoothly, leaving a clean shave. Much easier than using his usual high street shaving gel, the shave was much quicker and he was very satisfied with the results. Oh, and importantly, no nicks!


Dr. Adnan Nasir has previously recommended Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Shave Gel in Men’s Health Magazine. The clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the University of North Carolina, the director of dermatology at Wake Research Associates and Expert Advisor to Men’s Health magazine, recommends Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Shave Gel for keeping one’s face smooth. Dr. Nasir touts the use of antioxidants in the Shave Gel, which reduce damage to collagen that in turn helps to prevent wrinkles.

The Arbonne Shave Gel, #640 is just £19 for 168ml.  When ordering enter the pin #441288726, this is Claire Robinson Independent Arbonne Consultant’s order number


After his shave, Jay applied the post-shave balm which is applied in small amounts at a time. It left his skin feeling very soft and with no-sting. It feels cooling to the skin, which would feel great if any man often suffers from razor-burn. It’s important to remember that there is no need to rinse after applying the balm. Keep it where it is folks… This non-sticky balm smells great too, and a little does go a long way ad doesn’t leave the skin looking oily after application either.

The Post-Shave Balm, #637 is £25 for 90ml. When ordering enter the pin #441288726, this is Claire Robinson Independent Arbonne Consultant’s order number, which you will need when placing orders online.


Finally, a quick shot of hydration  with the RE9 Facial Moisturiser. This moisturiser contains SPF 20 because we all know how aging the sun can be on our skin. Proper hydration and sun protection makes much healthier looking skin. Such a handsome face! A good moisturiser is so important, especially at this time of the year when central heating and cold winds can dry out skin leaving it sore and patchy. This moisturiser rubs into the skin so easily and feels very silky to touch. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it smells lush- a scent of citrus. Jay said that he skin felt so much calmer after applying the moisturiser and soothed his dry skin around his nose wonderfully, without feeling heavy or like it was clogging his skin.

The Facial Moisturiser SPF 20, #638 is £34 for 60ml. When ordering enter the pin #441288726, this is Claire Robinson Independent Arbonne Consultant’s order number, which you will need when placing orders online.

I Just want to share a picture of Jay a week ago, Before using the RE9 Advanced for men…


And here he is, all freshly shaven… I always find it strange when he has no facial hair… but he looks and smells gorgeous!!


Based on a 4 week independent clinical consumer study for the RE9 Advanced For Men product system a huge 81% of men reported that the products soothed and calmed their skin! This man, decided to use the products on just one side of his face…. can you see the difference between sides!

man arbonne difference in skin

Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced For Men uses key botanicals in its products to ensure a pure, safe and beneficial range of products. The products are also vegan friendly and Gluten-Free and has gained a certificate of recommendation from The Vegan Woman in 2014- a platform for the Vegan lifestyle. All ranges are available online through the Arbonne website.


Arbonne party

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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