Thermal Wear In Summer

Oooh yes, you read that correctly! How weird does that sound?

We love a good picnic and we love a good BBQ and whats better than to cook up some delicious grub on the barbie, and please the kids with a picnic all at once?! Not much actually.

The kids are always begging for a picnic. Anything which involves eating food outside on a comfy blanket is classed as a picnic to our Willow, She loves it! We all have to sit in a circle and watch her eat every thing in sight, normally the food off of our plates as well. Olive, on the other hand likes to just get it everywhere, sit on anything edible, climb all over us with sticky hands and then finally eat it all.

So, we fire up the BBQ, butter a shed load of rolls, whack as much meat on to the grill as we can, chop up the lettuce and I make my signature garlic bread and then we fill our bellies silly!

Unfortunately, even in the summer my circulation can suffer. I have a condition that means if my legs are bare and the temperature drops suddenly, my circulation can really struggle leaving my legs black, mottled and numb and me wincing in pain and if I am really unlucky, a trip to A&E is on the cards. So, on a lovely summers evening, as the sun sets I often find myself going a funny colour. I have relied on Heat Holders for a long while now to help me keep warm (even on hot summer nights!) and their socks are just perfect for my cold sensitive feet and ankles. My girls often moan that their feet are cold also so the children’s socks keep them happy also, Willow loves the fluffy inside of the socks and keeps quoting Monsters Inc’ “ITS SOOO FLUFFFY!”, keeps her happy eh!?

Now, back to the picnic… what keeps your bottom warm when all you have to sit on is your boring hard ‘grass’? Heat Holder’s super fluffy blanket! Oh my, I can actually promise you that I have never actually felt a blanket so snuggly in my whole life as this baby! We only sat on it for a while, then I swapped it over and wrapped myself up in the blanket for the rest of the BBQ! I swear, I could have been naked up Mt.Everest, but if I was wrapped in that divine blanked of yumminess I would have been safe and happy.

So we munched and we munched, and I kept warm. No blue toes or sore numbness all evening… oooh and we even finished of the picnic with strawberries and cream! Yummmmmmmmy!!

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Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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