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The Willow Wand – Living Art For Your Garden – Review

My 7 year old daughter is called Willow and like myself running a blog, she runs a YouTube channel called Gardening With Willow. This week she was sent a gorgeous Willow Wand to review and vlog about. Make sure you watch Willow’s review of The Willow Wand at the bottom of this post!

The Willow Wand

This award winning Willow Wand is hand crafted in the UK from 9 living willow stems, twisted into a beautiful structure. Plant it, water it and watch it grow and within just a few weeks you shall have a stunning living willow structure in your garden.

The Willow Wand itself remains the same size, but after a few weeks it will grow lovely leaves, creating a topiary crown. After a few seasons, the hand woven symmetrical stem naturally grafts together to create the single trunk of your structure, which shall forever keep the beautiful hand woven pattern.

The Willow Wand can be planted in the soil of your garden or into containers, but it must remain outside. The Willow Wand looks stunning as a single statement piece in any garden, or can be planted in multiples to create unique hedging or larger statement pieces.

After your Willow Wand has arrived, it must be planted right away. I had no option but to stand our Willow Wand in a jar of water for 2 days until the weekend had arrived and Willow could film her video. The Willow Wand should not stand for long periods of time as the wand will start to grow roots, and planting the Wand with roots longer than 2cm could cause the plant to go into shock. By Saturday morning our Willow Wand had started to shoot, so we had to plant it, fast!

A John Innes No 3 compost worked best for planting our The Willow Wand, as it shall be spending it’s life in a container but the Willow Wand can be planted straight into the garden. Plant the Willow Wand to a depth of 15cm, with the stem upright and straight. Once planted, your Willow Wand will need a LOT of watering. Daily is necessary, so the soil does not dry out and the roots can establish. Pots and containers dry out quicker than ground soil, so keep a close eye on moisture levels.

Within just a few weeks your Willow Wand will have rooted with ease, and have created a stunning topiary structure for your garden. Willow is in love with her very own willow tree and now wants to add more Willow Wands to our front garden. Our Willow Wand was only planted on Saturday morning and it already has a few new shoots of grows poking from the top (today is Wednesday)!

Don’t forget to watch Willow’s video out The Willow Wand below.

We loved the easiness of The Willow Wand, as it has minimal instructions! Even for those with no green fingers at all, they can grow their very own stunning willow topiary structure in their gardens. Willow is just 7 years old, but understood exactly what she has to do to plant and look after her Willow Wand. The Willow Wand would make an excellent gift to all people, young and old! We shall certainly remember The Willow Wand when choosing gifts for family and friends.

Where To Buy

The Willow Wand can be purchased directly from The Willow Wand website here, for £9.99 each. Multibuy discounts are available. Because The Willow Wand is a living structure various stock may be available within different online stores at different times. There are also different size Wands to choose from. We have planted a Small Willow Wand.

Other stockists include Thompson & Morgan, YouGarden and Amazon.

Don’t forget to check out The Willow Wand on Facebook and Instagram.




*The Willow Wand kindly sent us a small Willow Wand in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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