Taking Ivy On Her First Flight

Our youngest daughter Ivy is obsessed with planes. Her bedroom ceiling is covered with Airfix planes hung on wires, she could sit for hours watching videos of planes in flight and is always plane spotting when out in the garden. It’s lucky that the Shuttleworth Airfield and Collection pretty much backs onto our house. We get to watch all the air shows and stunt planes practicing! I once witnessed her cry with joy when a Lancaster Bomber nearly took our roof off preparing to land at Shuttleworth. I cried with her, to see her so happy.

Once we took her to Duxford, where she dipped the barrier to give to wheels of the Concorde a cuddle. To be fair, even the security guard found her cute. Let me just say that again, so you can imagine the horror on my face… SHE BROKE FREE FROM HER BUGGY, RAN UNDER THE BARRIER AND GRIPPED THE FRONT WHEEL OF THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT. We had to peel her off the damn thing!

When a friend of ours suggested taking a day flight to Amsterdam with our kids for a glorified day out, I just knew that I had to get Ivy a passport. I love flying and visiting Europe, but for Ivy the chance to fly on a plane and not just watch them from the garden could not be overlooked. When I told her, her face spoke a thousand words. She instantly ran upstairs and grabbed a rucksack, that she packed with spares and her favourite soft cuddly toy plane. It broke her heart when I told her that she had over 1 month to wait until our trip.

Sadly a few days before having her passport photo taken, her sister cut her fringe for her. Look how tragic (nay, hilarious) her first passport photo is!


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Ivy and her best-friend are both only 3 years old. It’s going to be a huge trip for them, even if it is just for one day. There are a few things that we are going to have to sort out before we board the plane.

Firstly, we need to check-in. This can now be done 30 days prior to flying and is simply done through the EasyJet app. We also need to consider taking a lightweight buggy or toddler-sized sling to help little tired legs when walking around busy Amsterdam city. I’m currently looking into Travel Insurance too, which can cover us if planes are delayed, bags are lost and for personal liability reasons. Medical Travel Insurance is also a must! Medical Travel insurance is very important in our house. Not just for leisurely day trips or weekend breaks but we often travel abroad for work.

I’m sooo looking forward to a day out sightseeing with my little girl, but I am also excited to see her face when she sees a plane close up and actually being able to get on it. I can only imagine what her face looks like as we take off and climb up above the clouds. All of her dreams will come true. I’m also looking forwards to a day out with my mate, exploring somewhere new. Posh coffee’s, being annoying British tourists and hunting for a souvenir fridge magnet (a must when in Europe).

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Where would you recommend that we visit (no red lights or puff jokes please! HAHA!). Also, any tips for taking a toddler on a plane for the first time. Let me know in the comments!




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