Dealing With Your Biggest Insecurities

Insecurity is the bane of many of our lives. It is the part of our brain which causes us to feel worthless, judged and can severely affect our confidence as a person overall. Insecurity is something which everyone deals with at some stage in life, whether it be about our appearance, our skills or something else entirely. The key to getting past insecurity is the ability to see through it and realise it is just a thought. It is a mind trick and does not reflect who we really are.


It’s Normal. You’re Normal

The thing about insecurity is that it can be a very powerful thing. It can be a thought which consumes us so entirely that it is difficult to get past the feeling at all. If you do get to a stage where your insecurity is taking over, remember that it is normal. It is ok to feel this way sometimes, we are only human and even the most famous people in the world suffer from it sometimes. It is a part of being human and we must accept that it will be there sometimes.

You Aren’t Weak

A common misconception which people make is thinking that insecurity makes you weak. Insecurity has nothing to do with your strength as a person, in fact it is totally untrue that it can measure your personal strength. It takes an enormous amount of mental strength in order to have crippling insecurities and still go out and live your life as normal. Try to think in this way whenever you feel low, and it will help you deal with things and see everything much more clearly.

You Need To Challenge Yourself

It is scary to think of doing something new, but a lot of the time this is exactly what you need to deal with your fears and feel more confident. If you never try to step outside your comfort zone you will never be able to truly be free and confident as a person. If you feel self conscious around new people you need to pay yourself to talk to someone new. It is the only way you will ever gain the people skills you need and realise that people aren’t that scary to talk to.


You Are Your Harshest Critic

Remember that the way you see yourself is not the way everyone else sees you. You’re always going to be your own harshest critic. You will notice small things in yourself which are glaringly obvious to you, but will go totally unnoticed by others. Think about how other people might view you for a moment. Take a look at a photo of yourself and try to look from another point of view. This is a good way to help you feel better about yourself and gain confidence.

Use It To Motivate You

If you feel as if your insecurities are stopping you from being the person you want to be, fight the feeling and make your worst feelings the motivation you need to succeed. If you hate the way your abs look, then do something about it! Start exercising and eating more healthy foods and the change you see will make you feel much happier as a person. It is only you who can change your circumstances. Take action and don’t stay feeling miserable for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it.

It Wont Always Be There

When you start to tackle your insecurities and take action, you will find that life becomes much easier for you to handle. Your ultimate goal is not to eliminate the insecurities altogether because that it near impossible. What you need to do is learn how to not let it affect you anymore. There are some things we cannot change about ourselves, so the best thing we can do is learn to live alongside it and not let it badly affect us and how we feel.

You Can Be Happy

Remember at all costs that your insecurities will not completely eliminate your chances of happiness. You can have these thoughts and still be a happy person overall. It is something which you carry with you every day but it is not something which should impede your ability to smile, laugh and enjoy your life. So what if you have slightly larger feet than most? Does it stop you being able to run, jump and swim like everyone else? No. You can still enjoy every aspect of your life without worrying about these things.

You Can Still Love Yourself

Being insecure about certain things in your life is one thing, but it will now stop you from being able to like the person you are wholeheartedly. You can use your insecurity as even more reason to like who you are, because you have been strong enough to fight these feelings and you are still living your life to the fullest. Don’t let these petty feelings stop you from being your unique, awesome self. Appreciate who you are and what you’ve accomplished alongside these feelings and see your potential in the future too.

You’re Beautiful

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what small things are wrong in your body and mind, you are a beautiful human being. If you wish to, You can take Various hair loss treatments for your baldness, run miles and miles to shred the fat and make yourself up to cover skin deformities: but you must remember you are beautiful in spite of all of this. You have come this far in life and faced many things, there are people who love the way you look, your hair colour and your eyes, and it is time to join these people in appreciating the way you look. You don’t have to be super skinny to be a stunning person, think of all of the classic models who had cellulite, pale skin, freckles… Marilyn Monroe is a prime example of why you should love who you are no matter what your shape, skin and size. Once you are able to see yourself as beautiful, you can be confident and happy.


4 Ways To Make Your Family Accounting Greener

Anyone with even half an eye on what’s happening with the environment and climate can’t help but realise our attitude to disposable goods is a big part of the problem.

Finding ways to complete mundane tasks in a greener way often makes small improvements that can turn into big ones when enough people also make changes.

Eco-Friendly Cloud Accounting

We do so much with cloud computing without thinking about it that running family accounts in the cloud will be an easy switch for most people. If you have an Internet account, you likely have free cloud storage through your provider, and you can use this for far more than family photos.

Alternatives to the data storage space that comes from your ISP include Dropbox or Google Drive. The advantage of using one of these services is that they stay the same even if your Internet provider changes.

You can:

  • Scan or photograph receipts you want to keep and upload the digital files instead.
  • Use Excel or Google Sheets to keep tabs on daily spending.
  • Start a subscription with online accounting software (Freeagent or Quickbooks are two examples and there are several more) if your accounting needs are more complex than simple income and expenses.

Mobile banking apps and the ability to easily move money between accounts all make staying on top of the family budget easier, without resorting to using more paper or adding to landfill.

Greener Tax Returns

Anyone who runs a business or who has income that doesn’t come from straight employment where all tax and national insurance is dealt with by their employer, needs to file a tax return.

That invariably means lots of paperwork, storage and endless numbers of receipts and invoices. Aside from business accounts, you might also have income that comes from investments, dividends, inheritances or stocks and bonds that you need to inform HMRC about.

If you find you’re faced with a mass of paperwork every time you come to file a return, switch to doing it online. The online submission process is very streamlined and easy these days, and you can even include digital files for some documentation if you need to back up your claims.

For those who do have more complicated accounting, bookkeepers and accountants can save more than they cost in the long run. They can advise you how to set up your accounts so you minimise your physical paper and have a more organised system.

A Green Home Office

Adopting a greener lifestyle not only means generating less waste, it also means finding ways to use fewer resources in the first place. The two go hand in hand.

  • Install solar window coatings. They can help conserve or reduce heat, keeping rooms more comfortable and energy efficient. There are also window films that increase privacy and safety, as well as reducing fading from sunlight, so your furniture and carpets look fresh for longer too.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs in desk and overhead lamps. It’s also a good idea to install motion sensors so lights turn off when they’re no longer needed.
  • Shun filing cabinets in favour of digital document storage.

Going Paperless

If the companies you deal with offer digital versions of documents, take them up on the offer. Examples could include getting your bank statements online, opting for PDF, print on demand versions of car and other insurances, or switching magazine subscriptions to email versions rather than paper ones.

We’re not quite at the stage yet where the office (or home) is completely paperless, but we’re getting there. The more of us who reject paper documents in favour of digital versions, the more the companies we deal with will also reduce their paper usage and that will be good for all of us, and the environment.