What Makes A Happy Cat?

Owning a cat is obviously a big responsibility, and you want to do everything that you can to make your feline happy and content. Getting to know your cat is something that requires some time and patience, but to give you a helping hand, we are going to be discussing just a few things that you can do to make your cat happier.

Get Feeding Right

You should have separate food and water bowls with a fresh supply of H2O at least once every day. Dry food should be provided for nibbles, though if you need to restrict your cat’s food intake, frequent smaller meals tend to be better than two or three large ones during the day. Wet food should be provided for main meals as this is where cats get a lot of their water. If you are looking to provide extra nutrients, check out things like Aniforte’s salmon oil for cats. Pay attention to your cat’s individual preferences to make them even happier.


Play with Them Regularly

Young cats tend to have bags of energy, and they tend to be at their most active during the night and around dawn or dusk. You should be looking to play with your cat on a regular basis with a variety of toys. If you don’t, they are more likely to keep you up at night meowing or attack your ankles. So, play sessions are definitely valuable for both you and your cat!


Allow Them to Scratch

she’s a completely different cat now!

Cats need to be able to scratch, and they often do this when they are feeling comfortable and happy. To stop your cat destroying your furniture, you should invest in a good-quality scratching post. They tend to prefer textured surfaces, and you also should ensure that the post is sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over every time they use it. If your cat doesn’t automatically start using it, make sure to draw their attention to it by placing it in the middle of the room and placing treats on top.

Give Them a Sense of Routine

Though it may seem like cats like to come and go as they please, they also enjoy consistency and stability. For example, they like to know where their food will be served and what time it will be served at. Of course, all cats are different, so you will find that some like this sense of order more than others. The important thing is to get to know what your cat prefers and adjust the routine accordingly.

Allow Them a Mix of Independence and Close Contact


Unlike dogs who tend to prefer a lot of contact with humans, cats are often more independent creatures. However, most of them still enjoy being cuddled from time to time as well. So, allow your cat to sit alone when they want to – they will often let you know when they are prepared to be more social.

7 Important Reasons Why You Might Want To Send Your Children To Private School

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to send your children to private school over state schools. If you can afford the large tuition fees, then these are the reasons why you should send your kids to private schools.


Religious Beliefs

One of the most popular reasons to send your children to private school is that you want them taught specific religious beliefs. Normal schools generally take a neutral stance on religion, but if you want specific religious teachings, then a private school is where you should send your children. This one is as simple as that.

Smaller Class Size

Private schools have a smaller class size due to the elite nature of the school. You are not going to find the class sizes pushing 40. Instead, it is going to be closer to 10 or 20. This means that the teachers will have more time for each pupil and can spend more time helping them to learn. This will help your child gain a high quality of education when compared to a state school where the teachers have double, triple or even quadruple the number of students to deal with. Private schools can also invest in additional support staff and teaching assistants to further help your children learn and ensure that they have the best possible experience. A smaller class size will also mean that your children know each of their classmates better. And while this might be slightly cynical it also means that they can grow a network of useful people for the future better. When they leave school, these school friends can be helpful in aiding your children to gain employment or further their careers.


A lot of private schools come with a lot of prestige. In the same way that attending a high-end University can give someone a head start, the same is true for famous private schools. Even if your child isn’t particularly academic and doesn’t achieve as highly as their classmates, the simple fact that they attending a prestigious private school carries a lot of weight. Private educators can give your children a real head start in life. If you think about how many famous people, actors, politicians, business people who attended private schools and compare the numbers to those that didn’t, then you will see that it is heavily weighted in favour of those that attended private school.

Sports Programmes

A popular reason to send a child to private school is that the sports programmes are often far better. This is usually because the private school has access to far more equipment and facilities than a state school. Thanks to this though, your children can participate in sports that they would not be able to in state schools. Also if you are looking to get a scholarship for your child, then a sports scholarship could be the way to go. If they are particularly adept or experienced in a particular sport, then the private school might give them a partial or full scholarship to attend their school. This is one way that you can make attending a private school far less costly on your bank balance.

While we are talking about sports programmes, your child will be given far more support and training on a sport if they have attended a school that specialises in that area. For example, professional tennis players have attended a specific tennis private school. This has given them the time, coaching and experience to perform at an extremely high level. Through this, they have also competed against other highly talented and skilled players, and it has helped to push them to the top of their game. The same is true for other kinds of sports, and if your child wants to pursue a career in a specific sport, then a private school that specialises in that area is a brilliant idea for them.

Academic Programmes

This is one of the biggest reasons to send your child to private school. The academic programmes at private schools are renowned for being a tier above state schools. Private schools have the additional teaching staff, tools and equipment and the high standards to push your children to be the best that they can possibly be. In a similar way to the sports programmes, you could send your kids to a school that specialises in a certain area if they know what career they want in the future. This might be a private school that specialises in music, science or art. However, you don’t need to send them a specialised school for them to succeed. Many children will have no idea what they want to once they leave school and this will make such private schools pointless. Instead, regular private schools can help to foster and guide your children towards a career that they will enjoy and excel at.

A lot of private schools have advanced academic programmes that state schools cannot possibly hope to match. A lot of the top Universities receive most of their students from private schools. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge receive a large proportion of their students from private schools, and plenty of other top Universities see similar numbers. If you want your child to attend the best possible University, then you should start by sending them to the best possible private school. The academic programmes offered by a lot of private schools can give them the advantage when applying for University and help to get them fast-tracked if they have done particularly well in their studies.

Your Child

If your child is doing extremely well in school, then they are likely going to find state school works at too slow a pace for them and that they aren’t being pushed. If you decide to send them to a private school, then they will be pushed to be the best that they can be and they will have a far more enjoyable school experience. The same could be true for if you child is struggling. If they aren’t receiving the level of attention or help that they need in order to reach their potential at a state school, then you might want to send them to private school so that they can become the best that they can be. It is much harder for a state school to help a child reach their potential, so you might want to send them to a private school regardless of their current performance.

Parental Involvement

Another reason that you might find a private school better than a state school is the level of parental involvement. You might be able to join a governor’s board at a state school, but you will have a minimal impact on how things are actually run. Whereas at a private school, parental involvement is far higher. You can give your feedback and help to show how your child learns best. If you have a problem, then you can report it and know that your concerns will be taken seriously. There are also a lot of extracurricular activities that you can get involved in. This can be a way for you to stay involved in your child life while they are at school. This can be especially nice if you have sent them to a private boarding school as you won’t see them very often. If you want to be more involved in your child academic life and help to shape their future rather than just leave it in the hands of teachers, then you should send them to a private school.