Rory’s Story Cubes Review

Welcome to my second day of Board Game Week- A board game review, every day for 7 days! Today it’s a Rory’s Story Cubes review. OK, Rory’s Story Cubes aren’t exactly a board game, but it is a fun game none-the-less… and the kids love it!

What are Rory’s Story Cubes?

Rory’s Story Cubes is a fun game with endess ways to play. The game consists of 9 six sided cubes, each side of the cubes has a picture. 54 pictures in total. The game can be played with 1 or more players (there really are no rules!). We found the game worked best though, when there were at east 3 of us playing. It’s great for parties but equally as fun when playing with my small kids. I can imagine that when playing at parties, the consequences could be hilarious!

The game doesn’t come with any instructions, because the way you play can be completely up to you. Do what you like, there is no wrong way to play!

Who’s it for?

The game states that it is suitable for players aged 8+ but my 4 and 5 year olds totally got the aim of the game and thoroughly enjoyed it!  And as for my 2 year old… well, she kinda got it. I was surprised at how easily the kids ‘got it’. They sat for 1 whole hour playing with Rory’s Story Cubes, lost in a little world of imagination and wonder. They were rolling dice and making up their own wonderful little games. My 2 year old rolled an alien, and spent 15 minutes just simply pretending to be an alien. I suppose that was her way of playing! And that’s cool.

Obviously, kids can play and make up wonderful stories, but adults can have loads of fun too. We played Rory’s Story Cubes once the kids had gone to bed. Adults playing the game can be hilarious… it got a little risqué at times too! That’s the joy of this game, anyone can play in any way that you want. There is always a time and a place for Rory’s.

How to play

As I have mentioned a few times, this game can be played however you like! There is no right or wrong way. That’s what makes this game so wonderful.

My favourite way to play is by rolling 3 dice at a time. 3 to create a beginning, 3 to create a middle and 3 to create an ending. Your story can be as long or as short as you like. If there are 3 players, you could take it in turns to create a beginning, middle and ending each.

Why not try using Rory’s Story Cubes like this…

  • Use them as a tool to write a book
  • Play at bedtime to create a wonderful bedtime story
  • Make a play or a puppet show
  • Roll a die and pretend to be the ‘thing’ that you have rolled
  • Tell a story using all sides of one cube
  • Use it to play ‘eye spy’. The first person to spot what you rolled, wins.
  • All roll 1 die each and make a story ‘train’
  • Use them to reimagine your favourite films, TV shows or books
  • Tell a story backwards
  • Create a comedy, romance, horror or action story
  • Roll a few dice each and write a story in secret. The first to finish their story wins
  • Think of a movie that features that image

Final thoughts

I was so impressed with Rory’s Story Cubes. They are a must-have game for every household. I have decided to keep them in my changing bag permanently for when out and about with the kids. They are ideal to keep children busy (and relatively quiet) when they need entertaining. They are a perfect size too. Around the size of a jewellery box and light, they take up next to no room in a handbag, car glove box or suitcase when on holiday.

Super easy to play with no rules or instructions, let your imaginations run wild, with hours of play!

Where to buy

Rory’s Story Cubes are available in lots of online and high street stores. Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Waterstones, Tesco, and all good board game shops all sell the original Rory’s Story Cubes. RRP £9.99

There are also expansion packs (containing 9 dice). Actions, Voyages and Fantasia can all be played on their own or used with the original set of Rory’s Story Cubes. RRP £9.99.

3 cube sets are also available featuring clues, enchanted, prehistoria, intergalactic, medic, score, fright, Animalia, mythic, medieval, rescue, powers, strange, explore and rampage; RRP £3.99 each.

Fancy even more? How about playing with some special Rory’s Story Cubes Storyworlds dice. Choose from Adventure Time, Scooby Doo, Moomin, Batman, Looney Toons and Dr Who. RRP £11.99 each.

Each set of cubes can be played on their own or played with any other set of Rory’s Story Cubes… you could go absolutely wild and play every single dice all at once. You might be story telling for quite some time though.

So… Plenty to keep you going. Oh, and there’s an app too!

To find out more, visit the Rory’s Story Cubes website.

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**  A copy of Rory’s Story Cubes was gifted to me in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own. **


Questions I Ask Myself As A Parent

  • How many pushes did it take to get them all out (collectively)?
  • How many pairs of hands have I had up my Hoo-Harr?
  • How many gallons of breastmilk have I ever made?
  • How many nappies have I changed?
  • How many times have I heard “mummy”, “I need you” or “wipe my bum!”?
  • How many times have I been peed/pooped/ vommed on?
  • How many loads of washing have I done in 6 years?
  • How many loads of washing have I re-washed because I left them in the machine for too long?
  • How many grazed knees have I patched up?
  • How many school letters have I read (and then lost)?
  • How many presents have I wrapped?
  • How many times have I been woken in the night?
  • How many nits have I combed from my kids hair?
  • How many episodes of Peppa Pig have I watched?
  • How many times have I hidden in the loo to eat a chocolate bar in peace?
  • How often do I say ‘get down’, ‘I told you, no’, ‘because I said so’?
  • How many times did I think I was going into labour before the actual event happened?
  • How many times have I climbed the stairs?
  • How many times have I bent over to pick up coats and shoes from the floor?
  • How many episodes can I watch of Peppa Pig before I go insane?
  • How many times will Tom Hardy read the bedtime story?
  • How many miles have I walked on the school run?
  • How often do I mutter “FFS” to myself?

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