Sea Creatures Tour Opens It’s Doors To The Public


On Saturday 4th of August the UK welcomes the Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Oceans Tour opens it’s doors to the general public.  Sea Creatures is a groundbreaking new exhibition that allows visitors to explore the secrets of life beneath the ocean waves through incredible cross-sections of marine animals. Full body specimens include whales, penguins and great white sharks, and visitors can also get an up-close glimpse into the complex organs and body parts of a large number of species.

We were lucky enough to visit the tour for a sneak peak before it’s doors are opened to the general public to see how exciting this fascinating exhibition was. The event was a press only event with lots of famous faces (I felt a little underdressed!) and we even got to rub shoulders with Bill Oddie!

The overwhelming message of the exhibition is about reducing the amount of plastic waste that we find in our oceans. A hot topic that currently fills all of our news sources, TV shows, social media and even slaps us right in the face when experiencing our British Coastlines in the flesh.

The Sea Creatures tour, which – in a UK first – allows visitors to explore life beneath the ocean, with over 200 exhibits including 50 incredible cross-sections of REAL animals like whales, penguins and Great White Sharks, using the same plastination process developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The main attraction is the perfectly preserved Minke whale, sourrounded by a huge stingray, dolphins and porpoises.

Alongside the complete creatures, visitors can explore the VR experience, watch episodes of The Blue Planet II and children can play in an interactive ball pit. There really is something for everyone. Step aside old school museums and make room for an immersive and interactive touring masterpiece.

The exhibition is being held at the Royal Horticultural Society halls in The Westminster area of London. I’ll be honest I was a little surprised at what the venue was like .I imagined a Grand Hall full of plants (as the venue name suggests) so I was a little taken aback that we were effectively in what looked like a school hall. But despite the surroundings the exhibition was truly marvellous.

We visited with Willow our six-year-old. She did find it hard to understand that the specimens were real because yes they do look very plastic! It’s hard for her small brain to process that a sea creature can be so immaculately preserved forever for her to see and that these creatures were once alive within our oceans.

All of the specimens are ethically sourced and were not murdered for the sake of art. They are there to teach scientists (and the rest of us!) about the wonders of our oceans and the horrific affects and the dangers of plastic found within the oceans. This event is truly spectacular and well worth a visit for every member of the family. If you are looking for something to do this summer holidays I urge you to take your children to visit the Sea Creatures Tour. Not only to show them how amazing our sea creatures are, nor to just look at wonderful specimens or learn about the Anatomy of these creatures , but also to teach our children about the awful impact that plastics are having on our oceans and the incredible creatures that that live there.

Sea Creatures: Life Beneath The Ocean is stopping in Edinburgh, Harrogate, and Belfast, and will see 50 real-life specimens of creatures including a Minke Whale, Baleen Whale, Whale Shark, Great White Shark, Dolphin, Seal, Octopus, Penguin and Sting Ray on display, allowing visitors to glimpse inside the majestic beasts, learning about the complex life systems within and why we need to protect precious ocean life.

For more information of the tour, and to buy tickets visit the Sea Creatures Tour website here.

My Essentials List For Gardener’s World Live 2017

It’s time for BBC Gardener’s World Live 2017 at the Birmingham NEC, and this year’s event is set to be bigger (and greener!) than ever before. Gardener’s World are celebrating a superb 50th anniversary and there are plenty of celebrations in store for all of those visiting the magnificent gardening event this weekend (Thursday 15th June – Sunday 18th Jun). After taking a visit last year, and looking through all the exciting press coverage, I bring you Gardener’s World Live unmissable moments for 2017.

From era inspired gardens to the naming of THE Golden Jubilee Plant, something regular viewers of the show have been anticipating the grand reveal of, visitors will not find any difficulty filling their day with spectacular things to see and do. Last year we visited on the Saturday. We arrived at 9am for opening and did not leave until the very end of the day. We still felt like we hadn’t seen everything, and really could have done with an extra whole day at the show!

Gardeners World Live has once again opened it’s doors side-by-side with BBC Good Food Show, with entry to both shows included in your GWL show ticket. Scroll down for more information on BBC Good Food Show and what’s not to be missed if you’re planning on visiting that arena too.

The show opens tomorrow (Thursday 15th) and it’s filming day for a very special hour long episode which shall be aired on Friday night, GW’s Official 50th Birthday. We can’t wait to see the GW presenters at work… keep your eyes peeled for me fan-girling Monty Don in the background. Do Not Adjust Your Sets. That really is my excited face. If you’re planning on heading to the show tomorrow do wander around and try to spot the film cameras and catch a glimpse of the presenters doing what they do best.

What’s Not To Be Missed At The Year’s GWL

  • Step back in time at The Nostalgia Garden (designed by Paul Stone, plants supplied by St Andrews Healthcare), a village scene set in the ‘60s complete with garden centre overflowing with the plants of the decade, and the prices to match! Stroll by a babbling brook, spot the vintage `1967 Mini Austin and Nuffield Tractor famously constructed in Birmingham and look out for the plants named after Gardeners’ World presenters! Then journey through five decades of glorious gardening, from the crazy paving of the ‘70s to naturalistic planting of the ‘00s, at The Anniversary Garden: A Brief History of Modern Gardens (Prof David Stevens and Peter Dowle). The Beautiful Borders are also all themed around 50 years of Gardeners’ World. Personally, this Garden is #1 on my must-visit list and I am so excited to see The Nostalgia Garden come to life.
  • From the most recent presenters of BBC Two’s Gardeners’ World to some of the most famous faces from the past, the nation’s best-loved gardeners take to the stage, including: Monty Don, Carol Klein, Joe Swift, Adam Frost, Nick Bailey, Flo Headlam and Frances Tophill from the current line-up. Plus Alan Titchmarsh, Toby Buckland and Peter Seabrook from series of old. You can also book tickets for shows on the main stage Gardeners World Live Theatre, where you can sit back, relax and listen to the likes of Monty Don, Alan Titch marsh and Carol Klein, to name a few.
  • The Potting Shed and The Veg Trug Stage is where you shall also find some 1st class knowledge from the big name gardeners including Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift.

    Skinny Jean Gardeners chat on the VegTrug stage last year.
  • There’s plenty for the kids to do all weekend, with activities on the Thursday and Friday aimed at pre-schoolers and activities for children of all ages over the weekend. On Picnic Hill you can find texture rubbing, vegetable printing, creating bird feeders and making Fathers Day cards. Located on Picnic Hill will also be a face painter (11:00-16:00) and a huge sandpit plus the schools’ Meal In A Barrow Competition bought to you by The Conservation Volunteers. Dotted around the show will also be lots more fun things for your little gardeners to see and explore, including The Donkey Sanctuary and the Poultry Talk. The National Allotment Society will also have children’s activities to enjoy too. If you fancy some child-free shopping and exploring time for yourself, you can leave your children (aged 0-5) having fun at the Little Folks Day Nursery for 90 minutes for £4 per child.
  • Sponsored by Guide Dogs, the Shop And Drop Plant Crèche (yes… a plant crèche is a thing!) is a place where you can drop off your shopping and plants while you enjoy the rest of your day hands free. Make the most of it, and meet some fluffy loveable guide dogs too.
  • Of course, there are alo the show gardens to explore, as well as the floral marquee, the rose festival, hundreds of shopping stalls, beautiful borders, and small gardens to explore.

    Outside there was so much to explore!

BBC Good Food Show

Are you starting to see why I feel like you need a whole weekend to see and do everything? I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, and it would be hard (and very, very time consuming to list everything and everyone to see. I’ve only really spoken about GWL above, and there is still another whole show to explore, included in your ticket, all in the same venue. BBC Good Food Show, also hosts a fantastic day of excitement.

Baking Queen Mary Berry and mum-favourite Joe Wicks can be found throwing around some flavours, along side a huge selection of other popular chefs and experts. MARY BERRY!!! –THE– MARY BERRY!!!! Just let that soak in.

Be Prepared For The Day

The Birmingham NEC is a big place, and if you’re planning on taking kids or not, it will still be a very tiring day for most. I’ve been a regular NEC visitor for a few years now, and I’ve picked up some tips to make your day more enjoyable.

  • Get there early. The show opens at 9am and you’ll need time to park and get from the car park to the venue. This can take a while, as most people choose to take the free shuttlebus that runs every 5 minutes from the car park to the venue. You don’t want to miss the grand daily openings, because you left half an hour too late!
  • Take parking money. Annoyingly the Birmingham NEC charges for parking. It’s normally £12 for the day (but has been as cheap as £10 and as much as £15 dependent on the show).
  • Make a packed lunch. You want to save as many pennies as your can for that all important event shopping! There are plenty of places to eat around the venue, but these can be expensive and at lunch times the queue can be l-o-n-g.
  • Make a plan the day before you go. What do you want to see? Any speakers that you are desperate to listen to? Any shopping essentials you MUST buy at the show? If you make a plan (even if it’s a loose one) you will certainly waste less time, aimlessly wandering and missing all the good bits!
    Lots of great ideas for small front gardens.