What Does A Stay At Home Mum Do All Day?

I’ve had one of those days where I don’t know how I do it all. How do I cope? How do I get all the jobs done? Why does my house still look like a sh*t tip after cleaning all day? I’ve got 3 children. 1 is at school all day, 1 is at nursery for half of the day and 1 stays at home with me. I’m also pregnant with my 4th. What does a stay at home mum do all day?!

I decided to be a stay at home mum because luckily we are in a position where we can afford to keep me at home running the house. In fact it saves us lots of money and as we live as self sufficiently as possible, there are lots of jobs that I do at home which also saves us money.

Today I haven’t sat down yet. It’s nearly 6pm and my husband is due home any minute. The house still looks a mess but I am forcing myself 20mins to sit down and rest. My ankles are starting to swell and a bad mood is lingering. I’m very lucky to have a husband who never doubts what I’ve done all day, and often tells me off for doing too much. He likes it when I tell him that I haven’t done much in the day, because it gives him some peace of mind.

I juggle a 3 bed home, a minimal ‘job’ blogging and writing, 3 kids, 14 pets and 11 school runs a week (22 times walking up the same f**king path.) I get asked to go out for coffee, shopping trips and nights out. I don’t have time of day nor energy left so I politely deny the opportunities. I think my friends think I’m a recluse/a bitch/ or that I’d rather watch Jeremy Kyle.  It’s my own fault I suppose for having sex at least 4 times. Soon I will have 4 kids. 4 FREAKIN’ KIDS…. HOW WILL I COPE THEN?!

Oh, I also have gallstones. They hurtin’ like a bitch atm. FML.

As a Stay At Home Mum, today I did…

Here is a list of todays jobs. I thought I’d keep a little diary for the day. I’m still not done yet, and have a few jobs to add to the list but here’s what my daily routine often looks like. Please note, I don’t normally do this many wash loads per day… I was taking advantage of the sunshine/wind combo and stripped bedding, washed cushions, nappies, duvets and linens.

  • Wash loads- x7 (likely to be 8)
  • Nursery / School run
  • Gather dirty laundry
  • Clean bathroom
  • Empty rubbish upstairs
  • Hang washing on line / inside- x7
  • Tidy girls toys upstairs
  • Put washing up away
  • Fold clean laundry from yesterday
  • Put away clean laundry- x5 loads
  • Fix broken wardrobe draw (that I broke while putting clothes away- tw*t)
  • Sh*tty nappy changes- x3
  • Nursery pick up
  • Break up fights- countless… constant…
  • Cook / burn lunch
  • Get clean washing in- x 5
  • Stain remove clothes that didn’t clean and wash, hang, dry, fold again
  • Feed chickens / dogs
  • Water the vegetables
  • Prick weeds out of the veg beds as quickly as possible
  • Collect eggs from our chickens
  • Pick up dog poos
  • Washing up- x2 (extra points for cleaning burnt pan)
  • Disinfect kitchen
  • Catch a spider (and have a heart attack)
  • Pick up kids shoes and “put them where they’re meant to live!”
  • Wash front of cupboards (the sun shone through the windows and made me realise that they were minging)
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Pick up toys from living room
  • Dust (One reason to hate sunshine… you see all of the bast*rd dust everywhere)
  • Clean the grubby washing machine front
  • Booked Dr’s/ midwife appointments
  • Write 3 blog posts

And all of these tasks were completed in between feeding kids, arguing what they can and can’t have as snacks, listening to constant crying / arguing and carrying the toddler. Oh, and attempting to play / organise a disco to keep them entertained.


  • Hoover
  • Cook dinner
  • Mop
  • Get school uniforms / bags ready for tomorrow
  • Sit on my arse for 10 minutes before going to bed at 8pm and doing most of it again tomorrow.

Anyone else feel like they do too much? I must remember to take it more steady and stress less. But in all honesty, I do the bare minimum to keep my house safe / kind of clean. I suppose, with a large family comes lots of jobs. I’m also relatively house proud. I can’t stand a mess. I’m happy for a house to be lived in, but living in mess embarrasses me.

Some days I spend all day writing and do next to nothing in the house. Other days I crack on, knuckle down and only check FB when I’m on the loo!

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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