THE BIG SPRING CLEAN- declutter the bathroom

As the days are getting brighter and the sun is taking longer to set at night, many of  us are feeling the early signs of spring. I’m excited! We have seeds starting to grow, and cupboards that need sorting. We also want the house completely decorated by the time summer ends. I don’t want much, do I?!

Since moving into our new home last July, we have spent so long getting the downstairs cleaned and tidied, the garden ready for growing food and various parts of inside and outside rebuilt or fixed. Every weekend (and weekday evenings) has been spent doing hose improvement jobs. Cupboards and their contents were neglected. I am welcoming our first big Spring Clean with open arms- and a few charity shop bags to boot.

The Bathroom

The first and easiest room to tackle was our bathroom. The airing cupboard specifically. It was a dumping ground for bedding and excess toiletries. It also hadn’t had a proper clean since we moved in and harboured more cobwebs and dust than Mrs Haversham’s wedding dress.

A few weeks after we moved in I decided to use some old plastic storage tubs to store the bedding, but it soon became just another useless and unorganised pile. I started my mammoth task by working my way through the boxes and putting each item into groups. Single duvet covers, pillow cases, fitted sheets and double bedding.

Be realistic about what you need

You DO NOT need 5 duvet sets. Chances are you have your favourites and you always grab those first on linen day. I have 3 sets for each bed. Wash one, wear one, and a spare one. The spare is for sickness days etc.

The kids seem to have so many odd sets, I decided to stick to the 3-sets rule, and make sure I only kept matching sets. Odd pillow cases were goners. As were any stained, ripped or faded bedding. What’s the point in hanging on to something if it isn’t getting used?

The old bedding is being cut up into yarn for making a rag rug… when I find the time!

Storage Boxes are AMAZING

You know those stacking boxes that go into the plastic shelving? Sometimes a box breaks, or the little plastic shelving breaks and you’re left with just the boxes. Don’t chuck them. Put them in the airing cupboard and labelled for your bedding. This is great if, like us, you don’t have much shelving in your airing cupboard. Just stack the boxes, and you know exactly where what items are as they will be folded neatly and labelled.

Dirty light cord

A bacteria breeding ground found in every home, that every member of the family uses. Even after you’ve washed your hands after using the loo, you still touch that cord before leaving the bathroom- which was made dirty as you turned the light on when entering the bathroom. Without even noticing it, it turns black with filth. One day, all of a sudden you will spot it and it will gross you out.

You can buy new cords for around £2 and they are very easy to change. If you don’t want to spend any cash another easy fix is to soak cotton wool pads in bleach and wrap around the cord. Leave for a few hours, remove and rinse. Voila, a white and germ free cord once again!

Kids Bath Toys

I swear they breed. You start off with one cute rubber duck when baby arrives and by age 3 they have 30 different sea creatures, nets, buckets, funnels, pirate ships, empty bottles and…. a f*ck ton of mould. Yup, you heard me, mould. Black, dangerous mould. Your kids have been squirting that into their water… and if they’re nasty kids like mine, then into their MOUTHS.

Grab an old squirty toy, cut it in half. Look at its vile contents, Gross. Bin them, bin them NOW!


Bathroom junk

Nail varnishes, moisturisers, bottles of whatever… all collect dust, chances are that you wont use them before they go off and most of them are packed full of nasty chemicals. I stopped using deodorant years ago. I feel so much better for it. You can read about my deodorant detox here. I also ditched the tampons and disposable sanitary items and made a switch to reusable versions. It gets the clutter out of the bathroom and the bleaches out of your vagina.

Chuck items that you suspect you may never use. If they are brand new and they haven’t been opened donate them to a local food bank, who will pass them on to those who need help. Food banks aren’t just for food! Bin the old nail varnishes that are dried and useless. Throw the toiletries that have been open for longer than recommended. To check this, take a look on the back of a product, and see this symbol….

…. that shows recommended months to keep this open for. Any longer and you pose a risk to your health.


Do you have any bathroom cleaning tips? Have you ever discovered something nasty hiding in your bathroom? Let me know in the comments!


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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