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Radio-Control Your Life

Lost at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Wandering aimlessly throughout the Himalayas? Fighting to get away from the paparazzi in downtown New York? Look, we’ve all been there. But Casio watches have now made navigating through this realm a bit easier with the new Tough Solar Radio-Controlled Pathfinder.

casio pathfinder watch face

This Pathfinder has a nearly invisible solar panel on its dial that captures sunlight, which in turn powers the watch. If you were to open up the watch’s case, you wouldn’t find your run-of-the-mill button cell on the inside that lasts for a year and then needs to be tossed. What you would discover instead would be a rechargeable cell that would never need to be replaced (as long as that ultra-hot flaming ball in the sky never burns out). Wear it for a day, and the charge it gets will last for five months even if it’s not exposed to light at all.

pathfinder watch casio logo

But I’m burying the lead here. The best part about this watch is that you’ll NEVER have to set it. The radio-controlled atomic timekeeping mechanism in it allows the watch to communicate with satellites in outer space whether you’re in North America, Europe or Asia. The Pathfinder is constantly self-calibrating, so you’ll always know what time it is down to the exact second. And because the watch is powered by light, you’ll always have the correct time on your wrist. Always.

The case is stainless steel and the band is made up of resin, rubber and plastic. So it doesn’t matter if you’re rock climbing, fishing, running or doing anything that puts stress on your wristwatch—this Pathfinder is tough enough to withstand just about anything that your body can.

Casio Outdoors Watch

Already I was sold on this watch being a must-have for my collection. Then I found out that it also has a triple sensor on it as well. So in addition to always providing me with the correct time, I can also push a button and know my altitude, get barometric pressure readings and accurately know which direction I’m facing with degree and bearing measurements. I can also discover the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, too. Once the watch is calibrated (which you can do as soon as you take the watch out of the box) the altimeter and barometer are surprisingly accurate. And the thermometer can also be calibrated to adjust for your body temperature when it’s on your wrist. Just make sure you calibrate it outdoors. Walls are not the friends of digital compasses, at least in the calibration phase.

Priced at $450, this radio-controlled Casio is worth the cost. You can find other watches that are similarly priced but don’t do everything this Pathfinder does. And most other pieces that have similar functionality are often twice (or triple) the price. So when you’re looking for something wrist worthy that is on the cutting edge of technology in the three-figure range, I highly recommend this Casio Tough Solar Radio-Controlled Pathfinder. Simply put, there’s nothing else really like it in the industry.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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