The Spider Catcher- A nicer way to say goodbye to Incy Wincy

I HATE spiders. Only the really massive hairy ones though. I’m not too bad with any spider under the 1cm diameter size frame, but any bigger and I’m done. I panic, I get sweaty, I call for my husband, and I refuse to go anywhere near it. I have never removed a spider from my house, because I just cannot bare the thought of little Incy Wincy freaking out, attacking me and touching my skin.

Now, despite how much I hate spiders, I would never kill one. That’s just not fair. Spiders are on this planet for a reason. They eat flies and are a huge part of our eco system. My husband feels the same and when he removes a spider from the house, he always lets it go free outside at the bottom of the garden. Same goes for moths (although I’m not particularly sure what their involvement with the eco system is. Dusty, flappy, evil b******s), Despite how much I hate them flying around my bedroom on a summer’s night, I could never harm them.

Source; Spider Catcher via Amazon
Source; Spider Catcher via Amazon

You know I literally just said that I have never removed a spider from the house before, well that little fact about myself became void earlier this week. I DID IT! I safely removed an 8 legged creature from my hallway, with no sweats, no swearing and without my husbands help. The Spider Catcher is a nifty little gadget that removes creepy crawlies from your home and it doesn’t squash them, but instead softly catches the spider and I can release them back outside, at arms length.

The Spider Catcher is super easy to use. You simply squeeze the handle which opens up the bristles on the catcher, place the bristles over the spider (or any other annoying insect), release the squeezy handle which then closes the bristles around the spider, it is then securely held while you walk the spider outside for release (by squeezing the handle again). The Spider Catcher boasts a long handle that is just under 26 inches, so you can rest assured that you are not too close to the spider! Scroll to the bottom of this review for a video showing how the Spider Catcher works!

The bristles are surprisingly soft, and very flexible. They easily hold any sized spider securely and when I did a ‘shake test’ the plastic spider (that came free with The Spider Catcher for perfect practice) did not shake free. The base of the catcher is made from a soft foam, so spiders cannot get hurt on any hard plastic either.

The Spider Catcher

The Spider Catcher also comes with a hook to simply stick to any wall, so that your Spider Catcher is always to hand quickly, and can be hung up high so no damage can occur to the product. There is also a hard plastic cover to go over your bristles, so they wont be bent or damaged when not in use.

A superb product, that has been well designed. No need for batteries or nasty chemicals, The Spider Catcher works perfectly and keeps everyone happy… even little Incy Wincy! The designer has not only created a product that is great to use, but as also included a couple of features that will keep your catcher working well for years to come. You can have fun practicing with the free plastic spider until you big heroic moment arrives. My 3 year old could also easily work The Spider Catcher, so it is great for any kids that may be scared of spiders too, to make them feel a little safer and in control.

The Spider Catcher by Brainstorm, is available from Amazon for an RRP of £11.99

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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