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A Special #tbt, Happy Anniversary Darling

It’s Thursday, and everyone suddenly posts a (normally) horrifying photo of them from the past.

Today is me and my husbands anniversary. Not of marriage, but the day we called it ‘official- you’re pretty fit, I’ll keep you’.

I thought I would put some of my favourite pictures of us together, as a little ‘awwwww’.

PS: I don’t actually expect anyone to read this post, you probably can’t all handle the slushy mushiness of our awesome relationship. But, if you do want to join us celebrate, do leave a shout-out to the love of your life below in the comments. If you’re just not as amazing as me and Jay, and you’re single… leave your favourite memories of us as a couple below. looser.

I’ll start from the beginning…

The night we called it 'official'.
The night we called it ‘official’.
So young.
So young


Wedding. 1/12/12
Wedding. 1/12/12


Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013
yes, he's in there :P
yes, he’s in there 😛
Newborn cuddles
Newborn cuddle





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