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I think this little poem from the lovely people at Fairy sum up those new born cuddles quite perfectly. It’s easy to sit and look at that messy house. Suddenly your home is filled with baby bottles, piles of tiny vests, the hoovering hasn’t been done since before your waters broke, and your draining board is full of cutlery and bottle brushes…. piling up higher and higher. But… Who cares? You have a squishy cute newborn baby to cuddle instead. So, I know it’s hard but you have to resist. The midwives and visitors don’t care that the house is not Buckingham Palace and your new baby most certainly doesn’t care either. And please, listen to me here… they do not stay tiny for long. I don’t have that tiny body to cuddle any more, I have a very very mobile baby. I often sit back and wish I spent a little longer cuddling her. In fact 70% of mums told Fairy Non-Bio that they wished their baby’s stayed new born for longer just so they could enjoy more super soft cuddles. So, keep those PJ’s on, forget about the washing up (you have no Kim or Aggie to impress) and snuggle up with that gorgeous bundle of yours… hey, you could even crack out that bar of chocolate!

I chose some special words to send to the Fairy team that tried to sum up exactly what cuddles with my girls means to me and this is what I came up with…

‘a soft cuddle with you reminds me of how precious you are and how my world is just perfect’

photo(1)Top advice from new mums (Mumsnet survey conducted by Fairy Non Bio)


1.            Mummy knows best even when she thinks she doesn’t


2.            Try not to be super mum


3.            You can’t spoil your baby with cuddles


4.            Sleep when the baby does


5.            Housework can wait


6.            Take a ‘baby moon’


7.            Don’t compare yourself to other mothers – every baby is different


8.            Trust your instincts


9.            Treasure every moment


10.          If you thought you were in love before you had a baby – wait till you meet your baby!

fairy non bio

London, January 2013 – The power of a super soft new born cuddle stays with a mother long after their baby has outgrown their baby clothes research reveals today.


The research, carried out by Fairy Non Bio and Mumsnet, surveyed over 1500 parents to look at those early few months spent with their new born. It found that as new parents, it’s those fleeting new born cuddles that are the most treasured of experiences, which all too soon become their most cherished memory.


Its recent research found that cuddle time is deemed so precious by new mums, that 73% of respondents with babies 9 months and under savoured those new born cuddles more than any other moment with their baby. 70% also wished baby could stay a new born for longer, just so they could enjoy the power of those super soft cuddles.


Parents could even identify their perfect cuddle; 44% said their favourite type of cuddle is when baby snuggles right up into their neck and a quarter agreed the best time of the day for cuddles was early in the morning, when baby has just woken up.


The survey findings revealed that experienced parents are even more appreciative of how fleeting time with new borns is. 70% of parents with children between 9 months to 4 years old confessed that the one thing they would like to go back and do differently as new parents, was spending even more time cuddling their baby. Mothers said they would  give up Facebook (73%), sacrifice chocolate (70%), and swap spending time with their partner (30%) to go back and have just one more precious cuddle with their new born.


Anastasia Roumelioti from Fairy Non Bio comments, “We understand that baby’s first few months are incredibly precious for both mother and child.  Fairy Non Bio is helping to make every embrace as special as possible by leaving the baby’s clothes super soft. We know time is fleeting and so are encouraging mums to spend as much time cuddling with their new born as possible. This is the power of softness: unlocking the memory of the perfect, soft cuddle before time takes it away.”


The findings also reinforced how tough it is to be a new mum with respondents who are parents of young babies agreeing that it’s easy to become preoccupied by other ‘jobs’ which encroach on precious cuddle time. Cleaning the house (83%), working yourself back into pre-pregnancy clothes (69%) and getting baby into a strict routine (62%) were listed as the biggest demands on new parent’s time.


But even though 15% of parents with a baby aged 0-6 months  found only an hour or less a day between chores and other pressures to enjoy cuddle time, almost 60% spent at least a quarter of their entire day cuddling their new born.


With the power of hindsight, the number one piece of advice from parents with children 9 months+ was to forget the little things, such as staying on top of the housework, because time with your new born soon flies and you can’t get it back.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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